With ‘WrestleMania’ 24 less than a week away, I don’t feel as excited about this card for the first time in years. This even dates back to the years where the roster was terrible, but somehow a good ‘Mania’ was able to be produced. I think that a lot of the problems that I have with the card is that many of these matches have only had a month’s worth of buildup so they don’t feel as special. I for one am getting sick of three way matches as the main event in ‘Mania’. It has become an almost yearly trend and it is just to a point where this drives me bonkers. A few nights ago, I watched Hogan vs. Warrior from ‘Mania’ 6 and just remembering the buildup to that match was fantastic, and having two workers in the ring that weren’t that great from a technical standpoint didn’t matter. The energy, buildup, and just thought of those two going at it were enough to make this special.

At this point, there are really only 2 matches that I care for on the card. Those are Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker vs. Edge. I am intrigued a bit by Mayweather vs. Big Show and the ECW Championship Contender Battle Royal vs. Chavo Guerrero match, but the rest of the card is just there and could be good if given the proper time. The ‘Money in the Bank’ which was a great gimmick 2 years ago with fewer competitors, the last one was an over bloated mess with 8 guys in the ring and the same goes this year with 7. The Playboy Bunny Match is just another one of those ho-hum moments on the card which I’m in a disbelief that they would go with this on the grand stage. Umaga vs. Batista and JBL vs. Finlay could be really good matches since all 4 competitors have really stepped up their game in the last few months, except for the returning JBL which we need to give time to get back in the game.

Why am I disappointed with this years ‘Mania’ and most of the ones within the last few years? Why hasn’t the Intercontinental Championship been defended since ‘Mania’ X8? If not, where is a U.S. Championship defense? How about the World Tag Team Championship being defended from either brand? I understand that you can’t have all titles defended because it would be a mess, but why not have the IC title and 1 of the tag titles defended? They have a semi-hot feud going on ECW with the Champs and Delaney/Dreamer.

Even though I am disappointed, I will be watching ‘Mania’ 24 and hoping that it turns out better than on paper. I will be returning with my ‘Mania’ 24 dream card.

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