I finally was able to get my hands on the Rock Band 2 Wireless Fender Strat Guitar from Circuit City this past Saturday evening. What felt like a 2 week hunt finally ended and for the most part it is well worth the wait minus a few issues that I have with the guitar. Just a note, if you go to a Circuit City looking for the guitar make sure to ask their customer service department since they have them in the back and not out in the game section. Kind of weird that they weren’t out, but they had a bunch of them. The only reason I did get it at Circuit City is due to a nice gift card that I had.

While my complaints are minor, the issues are there and I hope that they fix these for the next wave of equipment when Rock Band 3 releases next fall. The strum bar is fantastic this time, it feels so smooth and can’t believe how quiet it is. This is one issue I have had with the Guitar Hero 3 Les Paul guitar, it sounded quite a bit loud strumming. My next complaint is a minor one since they are trying for a more realistic approach, but the whammy bar, is way too extended on a 90 degree angle. My brother-in-law has an actual Fender Strat so it is exactly alike, so as much as it is uncomfortable for me, it is authentic.

The fret buttons seem to be better than the Rock Band 1 Strat and more responsive, but they are still too clicky. They are not like Guitar Hero III Les Paul clicky where they felt cheap, these feel a bit on the cheaper side. My green fret has a louder click noise than the other 4 frets. It’s always one thing or another with the Rock Band instruments based off of their quality. I do love the extra fret buttons at the lower part of the neck on the guitar and they are very responsive compared to the frets at the top of the neck. I also like the option to change your effects during the solo’s that can only be done with this guitar or the Rock Band 1 guitar.

I love the new look of the guitar, has that wood finish look to it and it helps give the guitar a very sharp look. At $69.99, I recommend the new Fender Stratocaster for Rock Band 2, an excellent job on designing the new guitar.

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