UFC100Studio: Anchor Bay
Year: 2009
Release Date: December 8, 2009
Run time: 1800 minutes
Rating: NR

Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 mix
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
Disc Spec: 6 BD50
Region: A

For 16 years, the Ultimate Fighting Championship has been the gold standard in combat sports. Now you can re-live the 100 greatest fights in UFC history with this once-in-a-lifetime collection. Featuring all the greats of the Octagon, from Royce Gracie and Chuck Liddell to Matt Hughes and Randy Couture, this set contains the most dramatic, explosive and memorable battles of the UFC in their entirety from 100 down to the greatest UFC fight of all time.

These fights are shown in their entirety, not just the highlights shown on Spike-TV. While I enjoyed this set there were some fights which went missing. It could have been better though if personal differences between Dana White and some of the former UFC stars did not effect the selection of the fights. As an early fan of the UFC, there are many fights missing from this collection. Most of those, featuring Tito Ortiz, Frank Shamrock, Robbie Lawler, etc…. all fighters who (at the time of the creation of this collection) are not on good terms with the UFC president, Dana White.

Some of Frank Shmarocks fights, Tito Ortiz vs Ken Shamrock 1, Wanderlei Silva vs Rich Franklin, Shogun vs Mark Coleman 2 and a few others did not make the list due to the issues with Dana White. A lot of these fights are on Ultimate Knockouts and compilations like the best of 2007 and the best of 2008 DVD sets. I know that these fights were “voted” on but still there are some that could be switched.

In the build-up for UFC 100 over the summer, Spike TV aired a 5-episode series called UFC: ULTIMATE 100 GREATEST FIGHTS, where they counted down the 100 greatest fights as voted on by UFC fans.  With fans voting on a list like this, it is sure to create controversy and debate, but one thing for sure is that these were all awesome fights regardless of numerical order! Unlike, the television special which aired clips of the fights, all 100 complete fights are included in this Blu-ray collection.

100. Paul Kelly vs. Paul Taylor (UFC 80)
99. Pat Miletich vs. Carlos Newton (UFC 31)
98. Kenny Florian vs. Joe Lauzon (UFN 13)
97. Rashad Evans vs. Sean Salmon (UFN 8)
96. Royce Gracie vs. Matt Hughes (UFC 60)
95. Tyson Griffin vs. Sean Sherk (UFC 90)
94. B.J. Penn vs. Din Thomas (UFC 32)
93. Thiago Alves vs. Chris Lytle (UFC 78)
92. B.J. Penn vs. Matt Serra (UFC 39)
91. Rich Franklin vs. Ken Shamrock (TUF 1 Finale)
90. B.J. Penn vs. Caol Uno II (UFC 41)
89. Forrest Griffin vs. Keith Jardine (UFC 66)
88. Frankie Edgar vs. Tyson Griffin (UFC 67)
87. Jeremy Horn vs. Chuck Liddell (UFC 54)
86. Phil Baroni vs. Evan Tanner (UFC 45)
85. Nick Diaz vs. Karo Parisyan (UFC 49)
84. Josh Barnett vs. Pedro Rizzo (UFC 30)
83. Chuck Liddell vs. Vernon White (UFC 49)
82. Georges St. Pierre vs. Frank Trigg (UFC 54)
81. Jon Koppenhaver vs. Jared Rollins (TUF 6 Finale)
80. Rich Franklin vs. Evan Tanner I (UFC 42)
79. Matt Serra vs. Georges St. Pierre I (UFC 69)
78. Keith Jardine vs. Chuck Liddell (UFC 76)
77. James Irvin vs. Anderson Silva (UFN 14)
76. Matt Hughes vs. Sean Sherk (UFC 42)
75. Gerard Gordeau vs. Royce Gracie (UFC 1)
74. Rich Franklin vs. David Loiseau (UFC 58)
73. Jason Miller vs. Georges St. Pierre (UFC 52)
72. Frank Mir vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (UFC 92)
71. Tank Abbott vs. Don Frye (UFC Ultimate Ultimate 1996)
70. Mark Coleman vs. Pete Williams (UFC 17)
69. B.J. Penn vs. Caol Uno I (UFC 34)
68. Lyoto Machida vs. Tito Ortiz (UFC 84)
67. Shonie Carter vs. Matt Serra (UFC 31)
66. B.J. Penn vs. Georges St. Pierre II (UFC 94)
65. Spencer Fisher vs. Sam Stout II (UFN 10)
64. Chuck Liddell vs. Renato ‘Babalu’ Sobral II (UFC 62)
63. Matt Hughes vs. Georges St. Pierre I (UFC 50)
62. Tyson Griffin vs. Clay Guida (UFC 72)
61. B.J. Penn vs. Joe Stevenson (UFC 80)
60. Karo Parisyan vs. Georges St. Pierre (UFC 46)
59. Randy Couture vs. Brock Lesnar (UFC 91)
58. Matt Hughes vs. Carlos Newton II (UFC 38)
57. Leonard Garcia vs. Roger Huerta (UFC 69)
56. Rich Franklin vs. Evan Tanner II (UFC 53)
55. Rashad Evans vs. Forrest Griffin (UFC 92)
54. Chris Leben vs. Anderson Silva (UFN 1)
53. Kenny Florian vs. Sean Sherk (UFC 64)
52. Chuck Liddell vs. Renato ‘Babalu’ Sobral I (UFC 40)
51. Rashad Evans vs. Chuck Liddell (UFC 88)
50. Quinton Jackson vs. Wanderlei Silva (UFC 92)
49. Houston Alexander vs. Keith Jardine (UFC 71)
48. B.J. Penn vs. Jens Pulver I (UFC 35)
47. Chuck Liddell vs. Kevin Randleman (UFC 31)
46. Quinton Jackson vs. Chuck Liddell (UFC 71)
45. Pete Sell vs. Scott Smith (TUF4 Finale)
44. Matt Serra vs. Georges St. Pierre II (UFC 83)
43. Matt Hughes vs. Frank Trigg I (UFC 45)
42. Sean Sherk vs. Georges St. Pierre (UFC 56)
41. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Tim Sylvia (UFC 81)
40. Vitor Belfort vs. Randy Couture (UFC 15)
39. Keith Jardine vs. Wanderlei Silva (UFC 84)
38. Randy Couture vs. Pedro Rizzo I (UFC 31)
37. Royce Gracie vs. Kimo Leopoldo (UFC 3)
36. Randy Couture vs. Chuck Liddell II (UFC 52)
35. Frank Mir vs. Tim Sylvia (UFC 48)
34. B.J. Penn vs. Sean Sherk (UFC 84)
33. Matt Hughes vs. B.J. Penn II (UFC 63)
32. Randy Couture vs. Gabriel Gonzaga (UFC 74)
31. Dan Henderson vs. Quinton Jackson (UFC 75)
30. Matt Hughes vs. B.J. Penn I (UFC 46)
29. Rashad Evans vs. Lyoto Machida (UFC 98)
28. Chuck Liddell vs. Tito Ortiz II (UFC 66)
27. Randy Couture vs. Tito Ortiz (UFC 44)
26. Jon Fitch vs. Georges St. Pierre (UFC 87)
25. Randy Couture vs. Chuck Liddell III (UFC 57)
24. Royce Gracie vs. Ken Shamrock I (UFC 1)
23. Matt Hughes vs. Georges St. Pierre II (UFC 65)
22. Clay Guida vs. Roger Huerta (TUF 6 Finale)
21. Randy Couture vs. Chuck Liddell I (UFC 43)
20. Matt Hughes vs. Georges St. Pierre III (UFC 79)
19. Dan Henderson vs. Anderson Silva (UFC 82)
18. Chuck Liddell vs. Tito Ortiz I (UFC 47)
17. Randy Couture vs. Tim Sylvia (UFC 68)
16. Spencer Fisher vs. Sam Stout I (UFC 58)
15. Thiago Alves vs. Matt Hughes (UFC 85)
14. Matt Hughes vs. Carlos Newton I (UFC 34)
13. Clay Guida vs. Diego Sanchez (TUF 9 Finale)
12. Nick Diaz vs. Diego Sanchez (TUF 2 Finale)
11. Forrest Griffin vs. Quinton Jackson (UFC 86)
10. Forrest Griffin vs. Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua (UFC 76)
9. Mirko ‘Cro Cop’ Filipovic vs. Gabriel Gonzaga (UFC 70)
8. Karo Parisyan vs. Diego Sanchez (UFN 6)
7. Rich Franklin vs. Anderson Silva II (UFC 77)
6. Rich Franklin vs. Anderson Silva I (UFC 64)
5. Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir I (UFC 81)
4. B.J. Penn vs. Georges St. Pierre I (UFC 58)
3. Matt Hughes vs. Frank Trigg II (UFC 52)
2. Chuck Liddell vs. Wanderlei Silva (UFC 79)
1. Stephan Bonnar vs. Forrest Griffin I (TUF 1 Finale).

Movie Quality: 9/10

Print/Audio Quality

The print is presented in 1080p/AVC MPEG-4 with a 1.78:1 and 1.33:1 aspect ratios. The presentation is a mixture of standard 4:3 and high definition 16:9 aspect ratios. Aspect ratios will vary from fight to fight as this is a countdown minus a chronological order. While the standard definition broadcasts do not look the greatest, it is the high definition fights that shine in a major way. One thing that sticks out is the attention to fine details in each high definition fight. The image is rather colorful and vivid having an image that pops. Blacks are rather strong. Considering that these are broadcasts of the fights, the image is sharp through and through when it comes to the high definition fights. In the end some might feel like its an issue with the standard definition fights, but all in all this works out well due to the top notch quality of the fights.
Video Quality: 8.5/10

The audio is presented in Dolby Digital 2.0 mix. Again, staying with the current source material like we did with the video presentation, the audio is presented in DD 2.0 mix. Definitely this will be a front heavy presentation. Dialogue is clean through the front surround speakers, yet I could only imagine how this could have sounded if they would have gone back to give it a 5.1 mix.
Audio Quality: 8/10

Special Features

  • Entire 5 episodes from the “Ultimate 100 Countdown Show,” hosted by UFC play-by-play announcer Mike Goldberg [1080i]

Special Features: 7/10

Final Thoughts

If you are a fan of the UFC and have been for the past 16 years, you will not want to miss out on this set spread across 6 Blu-ray’s. I wish that there were more fights in this from the earlier years considering that some of the most influential fighters were passed on due to possible issues with Dana White it is a shame. The video and audio presentation is a representation of their original source material. Included with the special features is the entire 5 episodes from Ultimate 100 Countdown Show.
Overall Rating: 8/10