tommyboybluIf I were to be asked, which is the best movie to see with Chris Farley, I would recommend ‘Tommy Boy’. This film is Farley at his best with that crazy style of humor that he was made famous for. It is a shame that he passed away at such a young age due to a drug overdose with such a bright future ahead. I think that many will agree with me that Will Ferrell has picked up where Chris Farley left off with comedy. ‘Tommy Boy’ did fairly well at the box office with a US total gross of $32 million dollars.

The story in ‘Tommy Boy’ centers on goofball Tommy Callahan III (Chris Farley) whom finally graduates with a Bachelor’s degree that took him seven years to attain. After graduation Tommy returns to Sandusky, OH to work for his father Tommy Sr. (Brian Dennehy). His dad owns an auto supply factory that has been around for many years. Tommy will be supervising the docks at the auto supply company. His old classmate Richard Hayden (David Spade) has a problem with Tommy coming to work for Callahan since he doesn’t take life seriously. Spade is awesome in this role with his sarcastic tone and wise cracks.

Tommy also finds out that his father is about to marry (Bo Derek) who at the time was still looking good for her age. At first Tommy doesn’t think too much about his new step-mother until he finds out that he will have a step-brother (Rob Lowe). If you thought that the Hayden character was snobbish, wait till you see his step-brother. He is a very cold hearted and snobby person himself.

During the wedding we have a huge issue; Tommy Sr. has a heart attack which brings on his death. This causes a whole new problem with Callahan Automotive being placed in a financial crisis that only Tommy can try and save. He takes Richard with him on a road trip to try and get some much needed sales that can save the company. This is where the film takes off big time with these two on the road. The bickering and arguing between the two works so well do to having great chemistry. This is one thing that I missed tremendously after Farley’s death. They both had this superb on screen chemistry that worked so well. Even Spade after Farley’s passing found himself on various television shows’ never being able to have that same spark with other comedians like he had with Farley.

While this isn’t the greatest comedic story ever told, both Spade and Farley do an excellent job as the odd couple keeping us entertained. ‘Tommy Boy’ was the breakout role that Chris Farley needed in Hollywood, except that he wouldn’t have too many releases after this film. None of those films post ‘Tommy Boy’ was as good. I still feel sad to this day that Farley left this earth was too soon by a horrible habit. It is good that we have some of his films to look back to and ‘Tommy Boy’ is the crown jewel of his film career.
Movie Content: 4/5


Print/Audio Quality

The print is presented in 1080p/ AVC MPEG-4 with a 1.85:1 aspect ratio. The picture quality is a mixed bag with ‘Tommy Boy’ on Blu-ray. There are times where the print looks very good and others where it just looks drab. Colors are presented well, but do not always have true pop to them. In the scenes that falter colors have a bit of a washed out look in them at times. Blacks are deep. It also affects details at times, where the image can appear out of focus and then there are scenes where you get a very detailed scene that looks good. There is subtle film noise throughout the print, but it isn’t anything distracting. I may have complained a bit about the print, but this is a good transfer when compared to the DVD releases from just a few years back.
Video Quality: 3/5

Audio is presented in Dolby TrueHD 5.1 mix. With this film being dialogue centric do not expect your soundfield to be booming throughout the entire film. The rears barely get any sound through them unless there are some effects or the score/music from the soundtrack. Dialogue comes through the center channel very clear and crisp.
Audio Quality: 3.5/5


Special Features

  • Feature-length audio commentary with director Peter Segal
  • Trailer gallery
  • Tommy Boy: Behind the Laughter (29:00)
  • Stories from the Side of the Road (13:00)
  • Just the Two of Us (9:58)
  • Growing Up Farley (7:00)
  • Storyboard Comparisons – 7 total (13:25)
  • Extended Scenes – 15 total (22:00)
  • Alternate Takes – 6 total (3:50)
  • Photo Gallery
  • Gag Reel (4:00)
  • Original Theatrical Trailer [HD]
  • TV spots – 19 total

All the special features are presented in standard definition except for the original Theatrical Trailer. This is kind of disappointing that these features weren’t available in high definition. All of the ‘Holy Schnike Edition” DVD extras are all available on the Blu-ray version.
Special Features: 3.5/5

Final Thoughts:

‘Tommy Boy’ is an enjoyable comedy being the best film with Chris Farley and David Spade working together. The Blu-ray version is a definite upgrade over the previous DVD in terms of visuals. You can’t go wrong upgrading either DVD release of this film in it’s high definition transfer.
Overall Rating: 3.5/5 (Purchase)