‘Tinker Bell’ receives her own animated adventure from Disney Studios as she is the well known fairy from the Disney Classic ‘Peter Pan’ and ‘Return to Never Land’. She finally breaks the mold of sidekick and becomes the central focus. Tinker Bell (Mae Whitman) is not on her own in this new adventure to Pixie Hollow, she is joined by her friends Silvermist – Lucy Liu (water fairy), Rosetta- Kristin Chenoweth (garden fairy), Iridessa – Raven-Symone (light fairy), and Fawn – America Ferrera (animal fairy), who are seasonal/elemental fairies. Then there are the two tinker fairies that round out the group of friends Bobbie and Clank. This is an adventure that will keep the children glued to the television from start to finish. ‘Tinker Bell’ is not presented in your typical animation; the film is presented in full CG animation which is a sight to behold.

‘Tinker Bell’ is Disney’s direct-to-DVD and Blu-ray releases. The nice thing about the story of the film is that it does feel like this came right out of ‘Peter Pan’ era, which is a good thing for fans of ‘Peter Pan’. This was a wise idea by Disney as it can bring in older fans of ‘Peter Pan’ and also create new ones. I feel like while this was a film that could have been something that Disney could have released in the theaters and it still would have done well. The problem lately is that there is a lack of animated films in the theaters and this would have been something refreshing for audiences.

The story of ‘Tinker Bell’ is rather simple; the fairies of Pixie Hollow village are all seasonal based as they have a job/focus to change the seasons at the village. Tinker Bell is one amongst many of fairies. The joy of the film comes when we switch to different seasons and watching how these fairies work to make that happen. Tinker Bell is the same Tink that we grew up watching in ‘Peter Pan’ and ‘Return to Never Land’. Tinker Bell has that temper and stubborn personality that in some ways helps motivate her to be the best that she can be. Also there are a lot of funny moments in the film that really stand out which will have you and your family laughing. ‘Tinker Bell’ does a good job of bringing in comedy and even some dramatic moments.

Print/Audio Quality – DVD vs. Blu-ray
The print on the Blu-ray is presented in 1080p AVC/MPEG-4 with a 1.78:1 aspect ratio. Colors are vibrant and just pop right off the screen. I couldn’t believe how bold colors are in this film, that I had to view scenes more than once. Details are amazing with this film and they show the fine details in the characters, such as strands of hair, the vegetation looks lifelike, and look at the fur on the squirrel. Anytime there are dark scenes, they are bold in color and look beautiful.

The print on DVD is presented with a 1.78:1 aspect ratio as the Blu-ray. I also found the colors to be vibrant on the DVD, but where the film takes a hit is in the detail department. With that lack of detail which the Blu-ray version offers it is one of those films that does show the difference between both formats.

The audio on the Blu-ray is presented in a 5.1 PCM which is uncompressed audio. While this film is not going to shake the room or shatter your windows, it does an excellent job providing a rather crisp sound. You can’t forget the magical pixie-dust, which sounds crystal clear through your surrounds. The soundtrack also comes in at the right moments where it helps keep consistent sound throughout. The dialogue is at the right mix which sounds very clear. The audio on the DVD is presented in Dolby Digital 5.1 and sounds good but does not compare to the Blu-ray version due to the uncompressed PCM. The soundtrack does sound good and the sound effects are also great but are a bit on the lighter side.

Special Features
These are some of the better special features that I have seen on Blu-ray and DVD that goes into depth about the Tinker Bell character. If you turn out to be a fan of Tinker Bell and the film, I highly recommend viewing the features as they help expand the world. The special features on Blu-ray are all presented in high definition. BD-Live will be enabled on 10/28 when the film releases.

The Blu-ray contains all of the DVD features, plus exclusive features as marked below.

  • BD Live (Movie Chat, Movie Mail, Movie Challenge and Movie Rewards) – BD Exclusive
  • Magical Guide To Pixie Hollow – New fairies and visitors to Pixie Hollow get to explore this treasury of pixie lore and discover the ancient realm of fairies with Queen Clarion and Tinker Bell as their personal guides.
  • Tinker Trainer, featuring “Flight And Seek”, “Workshop Drop” and “Tinker Time” – Players hone their skills as a Tinker Fairy in a multi-level suite of fourgames that will help turn winter into spring.  Fairy Mary gives the orders.
  • Ever Wonder – Ever wonder how a rose bursts into bloom?  Or how a rainbow stretches across the sky?  Or how the morning dew paints a cobweb?  “Ever Wonder” shows how fairies put the “wonder” in natural wonders.
  • “Fly To Your Heart” Music Video by Selena Gomez
  • The Mainland – explores the making of the movie
  • Creating Pixie Hollow – Discover how the filmmakers created the physical realm of Pixie Hollow along with its history and fairy society.
  • View the Deleted Scenes With optional introductions by director Bradley Raymond and producer Jeannine Roussel, “Queen Clarion’s Pixie Dust”, “Fairies Venture to the Mainland”, “Becoming a Garden Fairy”, “Tinker Bell’s Tinkering Talents”, “Vidia Tricks Tinker Bell”, and “Fairies Express Tinker Bell’s Importance”

I highly recommend ‘Tinker Bell’ on both formats DVD and Blu-ray. If you have the option of Blu-ray, I couldn’t commend the presenation in the high definition format enough. ‘Tinker Bell’ is one of those rare animated films that were released direct to dvd which makes you wonder as to why it was never released to the theaters first it is so good.

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