Horror movies are either hit or miss this day and age, especially with all the remakes which have become a dime a dozen over the past decade. When something original comes along I get giddy like a kid in a candy store. It was weird, with ‘The Ruins’ I had no real intentions to check this film out, but my wife really wanted to see this. To my surprise I unearthed something that wasn’t ho-hum campy horror. ‘The Ruins’ is based off of the Scott B. Smith novel ‘The Ruins’ and he was also involved with writing the screenplay for the big screen feature.

“The Ruins’ has to be one of the most terrifying films in a long time to be released and it also exemplifies what people will do when they have been placed into isolation and paranoia sets in. I feel like this movie is a marriage of elements from 3 other great horror films, ‘The Descent’, ‘Turistas’, and ‘Cabin Fever’. In this story, we have two American couples Stacy & Eric and Jeff & Amy whom are on vacation in Mexico where they are really shown having a good time. Stacy & Eric are deeply in love, while Jeff & Amy appear to have issues due to their personalities being so different.

They meet a man named Mathias whom is not only on a vacation of his own, also has a brother that has gone missing now for a few days. At this point is when Mathias tells the group that he hasn’t heard from his brother in days due to him going out on an adventure in the jungle where there is an archaeological dig. Mathias gives them the offer to go with him and The Greeks to the dig site to make sure that his brother is fine. Enter one of The Greeks, Demetrious whom speaks nothing but Greek throughout the entire film. Being Greek myself, I found it kind of neat to hear the Greek language.

After some partying the night before on the beach, the six set off into the Jungles of Mexico to find this dig site. Not only do they find a temple, but they also encounter another roadblock that keeps them from leaving the temple encompassing the dig site. At this point in the film, the fear factor is brought up a notch. As much as I found the plants to be a menace in ‘The Ruins’, I think that the underlying tone here is how people act when they are in danger but also isolated in the process. Their mind turns twisted, all kinds of paranoia sets in, making those in danger their own worst enemy. An excellent example is the original ‘Night of the Living Dead’, where being trapped in a house started to cause those trapped inside to lose it and start fighting with each other.

‘The Ruins’ never lets up, which is one huge reason why I enjoyed this so much. Horror movies tend to fall apart as they reach their final act, as many times the writer/director tries to get too ambitious. That has been the case with many horror movies and they lose their original intent. If you are a big fan of ‘The Descent’, ‘Turistas’, and ‘Cabin Fever’ I highly recommend that you check out ‘The Ruins’. As I stated earlier, I am glad to see original horror content being released in a day and age where we are getting flooded with terrible remakes.

The transfer on Blu-ray wasn’t anything mind blowing, due to the gritty nature of the film. The image throughout the film is rather clean from any other artifacts making their way on the print. I thought the gore was bad at the theater, it felt like it jumped out more at me with the Blu-ray release. The sound is presented in Dolby TrueHD 5.1 mix and is very well done here. The score throughout makes for a chilling film let alone from the story.