Here in 2008, it looks like Asian horror is making a come back here in the United States as it slowly fizzled off the last few years. While ‘The Eye’ wasn’t successful in U.S. theaters, the film does a good job on remaking the original, but not what many expected. To set the record straight, ‘The Eye’ is a film inspired from the Pang Brothers original that was created in Hong Kong. Any Asian horror films that have released since the debut of ‘The Ring’ and ‘The Grudge’ here in the United States, have had a lot to live up to as the American versions blew the doors off of the horror genre in terms of scares. Even American inspired ghost story films from the late 90’s which were remakes of older films like the “The Haunting” and “House on Haunted Hill” couldn’t accomplish this feat.

Lionsgate tackles this horror franchise with a well known cast to try and reel in the audience, but does that work? Jessica Alba plays Sydney Wells, who is the lead in the film and has an accident at a young age which leaves her to become blind. Joining Jessica is Parker Posey playing her sister which adds another well known actress to the mix. The story of ‘The Eye’ is that Sydney has eye surgery done to try and correct her blindness, but this isn’t just any ordinary surgery. This is surgery that has never been done before with a donor’s eyes. While the surgery seems like it was a success, Sydney starts to see all kinds of disturbing visions to the point where she thinks it’s all a hallucination and there is something more wrong.

Everyone that Sydney tells about the issues that she is having believed it is just from the surgery and this is something that will go away. Enter Fernanda Romero whom plays the eye donor and is the ghost that Sydney continues to see on a daily basis since the surgery. ‘The Eye’ does provide many scares and some creepiness, but not those to the effect of ‘The Ring’ and ‘The Grudge’. ‘The Ring’ had me freaked out for weeks, no matter how fake the film content. I believe this latest round of Asian horror films lack that creep factor that the first round of films that were American remakes were released at the beginning of the decade. Sometimes it’s a case of over saturating the market with a genre and then mid game everyone and their mother believe they can do a better job or just releasing films to make a quick buck. Personally I believe that Asian horror remakes started going down the tubes with ‘Dark Water’, albeit it wasn’t a bad film, it had one too many moments of we have been there feeling.

‘The Eye’ on Blu-ray has a very impressive transfer and Lionsgate continues to churn out stunning looking films. There are strong details in the film and a very sharp image. With a film like this where it would be best to have a muddy like transfer, the clean look really works well. The soundtrack is also good as it is in DTS-HD Lossless Master Audio 7.1 mix. The dialogue came through the center very crisp and you didn’t have to adjust your volume to hear what was being said. Also the rear channels work well with all kinds of effects.

No film is perfect, but ‘The Eye’ was rather enjoyable and I didn’t feel like this was a waste of time. The atmosphere alone helped in giving this film that creepy effect. What I didn’t care for is that we were just given a little bit of information up front too soon. Also some faults lie on Alba too, the problem has to do with her not pulling off the “I am in danger and frightened look” that Sarah Michelle Gellar and Naomi Watts did so well. If a sequel ever comes about, I do hope that the next writing team learns from their mistakes with this film because a good sequel could come about if done right.