Is episode 1 as good as the “Pilot”?

After 28 million viewers on Sunday night, could Terminator: SCC maintain viewership or even bring back more than half of those viewers the following night? New shows tend to drop off with each subsequent episode, but there are those ones that are like gold and maintain their viewership. 28 Million is an excellent number for FOX and if they can stay anywhere near those numbers they will have a huge hit.

“Gnothi Seauton” continues where we left off from in the “pilot” episode, but it starts to veer the series into its own direction molding itself into something original based off of source material. I can gladly say that the action and dialogue continue hear from the “pilot” episode, and those looking for action packed sequences they have returned, so I don’t think that this show is going to skimp out on action.

I really like this new direction that they have taken, because for one it allows to expand the Terminator universe with the time travel that has been thrown into the mix. The possibilities are endless on where this story can branch off to which should keep a fresh view on a weekly basis. The Skynet vs. Resistance battle will only continue to escalate with time travel being a big part of the show. I am glad that Terminator: SCC is more about the story and developing the characters, than constantly being on the run from the Terminator of the week. My fears that this was another Fugitive or Prison Break on the run are over with. While I love both those TV shows, another one based on a similar premise of being on the run would get overkill.

One thing that I am keeping a close eye on over the course of this series is how well Lena handles the Sarah Connor character. Lena has taken this character in just 2 episodes and has made this her own. You see shades of Linda Hamilton’s Sarah Connor persona, but you also see the motherly figure come out of her as she also tries to protect John with her heart and brawn, in addition with her brute.

I really hope that this series can tie together all 3 films making this an even stronger TV show. How amazing would it be if they took a few episodes and jumped to after T3 with the time travel aspect to continue some of that story which would lead into the theatrical release of Terminator 4: Salvation? Or if they did a few story arcs between T1 and T2 tying those two movies together. How about a story arc covering how Kyle Reese and the Resistance battled Skynet right before being chased by the Terminator in T1? A TV show like this can go many directions and solidify the Terminator universe and mythos.

Another great episode, “Gnothi Seauton” was even better than the pilot episode (which was also good). I highly recommend this show to anyone that is looking for a TV show to watch that has compelling story and above the TV norm action. With the TV show drought this spring, Terminator: SCC has a chance to hook in a lot of viewers that would have originally written the show off.