Welcome to another edition of Sports Musings, this is where I share my thoughts and opinions on the world of sports. I’ll delve into sports that are well known and others that are on the fringe of the sporting landscape. This edition will cover my thoughts on the Olympics, Brett Favre, ManRam and other tidbits from the past few weeks.

I really wasn’t excited about these Olympic games, I maybe caught about twenty minutes of the Opening Ceremonies and it really didn’t capture my attention. That all changed with the remarkable Michael Phelps, who is now the most prolific Olympian. I got into the Olympics after his second Gold Medal and now that he has done the remarkable and grabbed eight Gold Medals (eclipsing the previous thirty six year old mark of seven held by Mark Spitz), I’m in awe of what he has accomplished and I hope there is no negativity attached to his great accomplishment.

After finally getting interested in the Olympics, I thought to myself why did it take an amazing feat like Phelps quest for eight gold medals to get me excited. I’m not sure if it was because of the many entertainment options we have nowadays or the fact that with the instant results that the internet provides there is no excitement or drama left when the games are televised to our part of the world.

I decided not to dwell on why the  Olympics may not be what they used to be but to remember the positives and why these games are special and only happen every four years.  For most of these athletes especially those from small countries this is their lifetime dream and this is where all their hard work and sacrifice pays off, this is their moment of glory and for that I will watch them compete in handball, water polo, badminton, gymnastics, track and field and all the other Olympic sports because I at least owe all these athletes my admiration for these couple of weeks that the spotlight of the world is upon them.  The Olympics also brings us the epitome of “The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat”

Olympic Quick Hits

I’m really not buying the redeem team mantra for the U.S. Mens basketball team, during previous Olympics the U.S. team played the primadona role to the hilt and the rest of the world caught up and I think the only thing this team is trying to redeem is their primadona status.

The Chinese delegation brings back memories of the East German Olympic machine of years past.  If all the little Chinese gymnast that won medals are all over sixteen I’ll sell my PS3.

I was glued to my TV during the womens synchronized diving too bad that the gold medal winning Chinese duo looked like little boys but I was pleasantly surprised by the other curvy participants in the diving competition especially the lovely Paola Espinoza of Mexico.

I do enjoy watching events that I only see every four years like handball, water polo and for the most part gymnastics.  I wouldn’t mind seeing more handball and water polo on a regular basis.

I give a lot of credit to all the male gymnast, they look to be in tip top shape and they would put most millionaire professional athletes to shame just not financially.

You have to feel a little sorry for gymnast Alicia Sacramone for her crash and burn during the all around competition but I’m sure she has the resolve to comeback from this setback.

The Jamaicans look strong in the track events but I hope Usain Bolt gets humiliated for his showboating antics which is the opposite of the Olympic spirit

Non Olympic Quick Hits

I was not to fond with the acquisition of Manny Ramirez by the Dodgers but he has done a great job and he has been a model citizen. I guess the thought of getting one more huge contract is plenty of motivation for him.

Brett Favre has tarnished his reputation a tad but if he leads the Jets to the playoffs it will only add to his legacy and it looks like he came back to the NFL for the thrill and not the money because he could have took the Green Bay bribe and set off into the retirement sunset.

Hard to believe that the Tampa Bay Rays are still in first place and that this is the first year they have ever had more than seventy victories in a season.

I’m not feeling the NFL preseason this time around, the regular season can’t get here soon enough.

College Football is less than two weeks away!!!  I’m really getting excited for the ups and downs that College Football has to offer.

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