Sports biggest money making machine is back tonight with the Super Bowl Champion N.Y. Giants ( it still sounds weird to me.) vs. the always in a state of flux Washington Redskins. I was going to do a preview piece on the NFL but I figured I’d let the “experts” take care of that Here, Here and Here. I will however share my thoughts on the opening weekend and other tidbits from around the league.

I’m not to fond of the NFL starting on Thursday, it just feels like its another exhibition game to me. I really don’t get that NFL has started feeling till I see a full scoreboard of games and everybody is beating the heck out of each other on the same day.

Tonight’s game brings up a few interesting questions and Eli is not one of them, he at least gets a pass till the end of the first game. I do wonder how the Giants are going to fare on the defensive side of the ball and also how long the Super Bowl hangover will linger. I’m curious to see how things will unfold for the G-Men this year.

Other questions that are bound to come up tonight are how will Jason Campbell perform tonight and the rest of the season under his 7th offensive system in 8 years. Is rookie coach Jim Zorn going to go conservative his first time out or go for broke and put his stamp on the team. I hope for the latter as it would be a much more interesting game. I think the Giants take this one as they ride the adrenaline of the Super Bowl Celebration to victory.

I’m kinda sorry to see Daunte Culpepper retire. He could’ve easlily played a few more years and its just baffling that the Joey Harrington and Cleo Lemon’s of the world have NFL jobs and Culpepper doesn’t.

File this under I guess I’ll never understand a pro athlete:
Jacksonville’s offensive tackle Richard Collier is shot at 3 in the morning while waiting for some female companionship, why the heck are you out so late? Youre a pro athlete, you should be home counting your blessings that you have a talent that more than 75% of the male population would give an apendage to have and if you needed female companionship they do deliver nowadays. Nonetheless I hope Mr. Collier has a speedy recovery.

Looks like Chad “Media Escort” Johnson got his wish and will have his new last name Ocho Cinco on the back of his jeresey. The NFL should be estatic that Chad changed his name now they can sell more jerseys, to fans that want to own the Ocho Cinco name and those that will reminisce of the days when Chad Johnson played in the NFL.

It was nice of the Jets players to give Favre a captaincy, this should go over well with the fans and media and it sure looks like the players know not to mess with the golden goose.

File this under I guess I’ll never understand a pro athlete part two:
What was Tatum Bell thinking? Rudi Johnson takes his job and the only thing he can think of is to steal Johnson’s underwear, nice job there Tatum way to show other teams that your pure class.

The season hasn’t started and I’m already tired of hearing about Tom Brady’s foot.

Here are the games of interest for me this week:


Pennington is dropped like a bad habit by the Jets and he has a lot to prove and he is going to try his darndest to get the Phins a win. The Jets want to make a good impression on the golden goose. This game may not be pretty but it won’t be because of lack of effort.


This game will go a long way in proving if the Browns can finally get over the hump and into contender status. The Cowboys in my opinion are slipping back to being average. The Romo-Simpson tryst always hovering around doesn’t help and its only a matter of time before T.O. implodes.


Yes, both teams are mediocre but when these teams get together they put on quite a show. These games usually go down to the wire or into overtime and this game should be no different and you and your buddies can start a pool to see how long Kurt Warner goes before he gets injured, fun times.


This game is on my radar because I’m a Bears fan and I want to see how RB Matt Forte fares in his debut. I feel a replay of the Super Bowl XLI happening in this game. I just can’t see a Bears win with Kyle Orton and Rex Grossman as the top two QB’s. Of course a win would be nice.


The post-Favre era begins and that alone should keep most football fans glued to the television. Add an electrifying Adrian Peterson and a determined Ryan Grant to the mix and you have the makings for a good game.


Al Davis hates Mike Shanahan, Mike Shanahan hates Al Davis, that right there makes every single Raider-Bronco game interesting. I really dislike the Raiders and I will till Al Davis is six feet under, but as a football fan how can you not get excited over the prospects of watching JaMarcus Russell and Darrren McFadden develop together.

4th and Inches

South Carolina gets another Thursday Night game against Vanderbilt and they should fare a whole lot better with the more polished Smelley at the controls. I think the Gamecocks take this one but I would love to see Vandy pull the upset.

I would like to thank the NFL for their thoughtfullness in scheduling the Giants-Redskins game for 4pm Pacific Time. Its not like any of us on the West Coast wanted to watch the game live or anything.

New season and I’m already sick of watching the replay of the David Tyree catch and Al Michaels just mentioned that people should get used to watching the replay throughout the season, good grief.

Happy Football Everybody!