Set in present day Los Angeles, “South of Pico” stars Kip Pardue (“Remember the Titans,” “Driven,” “The Rules of Attraction”), Henry Simmons (“Madea’s Family Reunion,” TV’s “NYPD Blue”) and Gina Torres (“I Think I Love My Wife,” “The Matrix Revolutions,” “The Matrix Reloaded”) as witnesses to an unspeakable tragedy whose character is tested in the aftermath.  The film, which won numerous accolades at the American Black Film Festival (including Best Picture, Best Actor and the prestigious Red Star Award), will be released on DVD September 9 by One Village Entertainment.

A devastating accident catapults four strangers into the defining moments of their lives in this emotionally charged, brutally honest drama.  Pico Boulevard, the sprawling Los Angeles thoroughfare separating the rich from the poor, is the backdrop where these four people with nothing in common will discover that the path they thought their lives were taking has come to a screeching halt.  This award-winning film forces the viewer to ask, “What would you do if this happened to you?”  And the answer might be chilling.