sonofthebeachdvd‘Son Of The Beach’ is such a off the wall and goofy comedy that you will be laughing through each episode. ‘Son Of The Beach’ is a television show that is a spoof of ‘Baywatch’. When I mean that the stories in the show are goofy, they cover some of the craziest topics. They go from topics based on murder all the way to alien pregnancy.

Volume 2 contains 21 episodes of the television show which covers part of season two and the entire season three. The show revolves around five main characters, Notch Johnson, Chip, B.J., Jamaica, and Kimberlee. Watching these five acts so outlandish is part of the fun of this show.

The sexual innuendos are at their all-time high with this television show. Some of the cheesiest to way out there sex jokes are made. You get that every single episode which is rather surprising that they can keep up such interesting jokes in each episode. There are times where some of the gags come off rather lame or could even be offensive. I will say that is understandable since Howard Stern has his name attached to this project. There are also a lot of cast members from the ‘Howard Stern Show’ that make an appearance.

Picture quality is what you would expect from a low budget television show. There is quite a bit of grain throughout the print. There are also some dirt specs in the print. Colors are also saturated not carrying pop. Audio is presented in Dolby Digital 2.0 since this show is more dialogue driven.

Special Features

  • Commentary on 8 episodes by Timothy Stack, James R. Stein and David Morgasen.
  • “Sexy Montage Highlights”
  • Cast auditions from Jamie Bergman, Leila Arcieri, Lisa Barnes, Amy Weber and Roland Kickinger.
  • Behind-the-scenes of “The Island Of Dr. Merlot” and “Grand Prix”
  • “Highlights From The Pilot Table Read”
  • 2 minutes of Promos.