Back from the dead come Sebastian Bach and Axl Rose, do they deliver?

Sebastian Bach has always been one cocky S.O.B. over the years and much of it goes to his young age and over exposure during the hair band era when he was fronting Skid Row. Skid Row went one direction without him in the 90’s and Bach went his direction hitting TV land with reality shows on MTV before reality TV was big. Bach brought a whole new world to the term entertainment on MTV; he made you laugh with his over the top antics.

In 2007, Bach returns with what has to be one of the most underrated albums of the year. Bach comes back with a mission to prove that he can still rock and kick ass without Skid Row. This is one of those albums from an 80’s artist that feels like it has that 80’s feel to it, but than also has modern day rock elements included. This helps make this one of the better returns for an artist from the 80’s and 90’s where he doesn’t completely sound like he is still rocking in 1989 and has actually evolved his music.

We begin the album with “Angel Down”, which is a very fast moving track and hearing Bach scream way too much more than he should be. This has to be my least favorite track on this album, and what a disappointment to open a good album with this song. Even worse is that this is the title track too, which usually tends to be bad on many other artists albums. Then we move on to “You Don’t Understand” which feels like a very 80ish tune, this song helps start shaping the tone of this album.

The next 3 songs feature the Bach/Rose duets which come off really well. At first I thought that with the duets before even listening to the album that this was going to turn out into a competition over who can scream louder between the two, but I was proven wrong. It starts off with their remake of Aerosmith’s “Back in the Saddle Again”, which they did a top notch job on. The dueling vocals by Bach/Rose on “Back in the Saddle Again” was great, it is good to hear Rose again. Then were on to “Love is a Bitchslap”, song number 2 with the boys and yet another hard rocking song.. There is a lot less of Rose on this song and more in the background vocals. Our final duet, “Stuck Inside”, is one of the harder rock songs on this album and Rose is well placed with his parts on here bringing out the best parts in the song. Of course, this song also has plenty of Bach’s signature screaming.

“American Metalhead” is one of the most hard rocking and catchy tunes on the album. The next song “Negative Light” is another one of those songs that I could have done without on this album. Returning back to 80’s style of rock, “Live & Die”, is another good song. We get the vintage Bach vocal hooks that help make this song great. We are even given ballads on this disc, such as “By Your Side”, which I really liked. “Our Love is a Lie” tones it down a bit and isn’t as heavy as the earlier songs, but filler to me. “Stabbin Daggers” returns the album back to harder rock.

“You Bring Me Down” is my favorite song on the entire album and what a great way to be the second to last song on the album. This has to be the catchiest song and would be very radio friendly. This is one of the songs that the 80’s style is mixed with modern rock and comes off very well. The album closes out with the slower song “Falling Into You” which at times feels like I’m listening to a tune from Boston, which is not a bad thing at all. If Bach is going to make a full fledged return to music, “Angel Down” is an excellent return album for this 80’s rocker. My only big complaint here is that there are 14 tracks and about 3 of these songs feel like filler and would have been better as B-sides. These filler songs bring down the album a bit for me, and GNR fans will love the 3 songs with Axl Rose, very well done.