The season focuses on Olivia Pope and her new position as Chief of Staff of President Mellie Grant and the Command of B613. It also depicts Quinn Perkins as the boss of her crisis management firm Quinn Perkins & Associates, and its team, as well as staff at the White House in Washington, D.C., in their efforts to deal with and contain political scandals. Season seven has twelve series regulars out of which eleven return from the previous season and one new regular is added.

Studio: ABC Studios/Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Year: 2018
Release Date: August 28, 2018
Run time: 999 minutes
Rating: NR

Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 mix
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Disc Spec: 5 DVD
Region: A

The acting is very good and the situations are interesting, some situations are more interesting than others, but overall the show is binge-worthy. Each Season is interesting, watchable, and compelling. There are realistic aspects and there are unrealistic aspects, the unrealistic aspect is the style of dialogue, clearly in real life not everyone speaks the same, but in Scandal everyone has the same tone in their dialogue most of the time which is something that i love about this show, the fact that everyone talks the same in that fast-paced way and in that style and tone is simply the flow of the series, it works well, i think it makes the show more interesting and different.

The realistic aspect is how the Presidency is run, we see that everyone but the President is running the country, the President doesn’t actually run the country, it’s the people that work for him who are running the country. Speaking of the fictional President, he is unlikable, but not as bad as to ruin the entire series, other characters get a lot of screen time so that evens things out, if “Fitz” had more screen-time the show would be ruined, this character “Fitz” is self-righteous and snappy 80% of the time, it’s understandable because this character is unhappy with his life, he cannot be with “Olivia Pope” full-time, he can’t have a proper relationship with her, it still however does not take away his unlikeability. Kerry Washington is the perfect actress to play “Olivia Pope”

Movie Quality: 8/10

Special Features

  • Extended episodes
  • Bloopers

Special Features: 4/10

Final Thoughts

If you picked up this show in 2018 or later, i would much recommend that you go back and view the earlier seasons to really see how well this show was written in the earlier seasons that garnered it so much attention.

Overall Rating: 8/10