January has become the annual release for the SAW franchise on DVD and Blu-ray, while its annual theatrical release comes every October around Halloween. The Blu-ray version of SAW IV which we are reviewing today is the unrated edition which offers some new scenes and more gore. The SAW franchise has become a very guilty pleasure for yours truly, but not so much for the gore or traps, but following the story of Jigsaw and how his brilliance follows throughout.

While in the series past the traps were always the central piece of the movie, this time things change and these traps while an intricate part of the movie, take a back seat to Jigsaw’s past and how the events prior and leading into SAW I-III unravel. I will not indulge in the story here since I already have reviewed the movie, which can be found by clicking here

My only comment is that I feel like the SAW series has really taken a beating with yearly releases and with the two final chapters almost over with, I hope no other series follows this formula again. Releasing movies on a yearly basis just doesn’t give enough time for the fans/viewers to fully appreciate each release. I will say that with all the twists and turns, I really found SAW IV to be probably the deepest movie out of the entire series as it helped explain a lot of things from the first 3 movies, but then opened up doors for V and VI.

How does this Blu-ray release quality of sound and video stack up? When comparing this to the previous releases of SAW 1-III on Blu-ray, this one tops the other three all around since their transfers were acceptable for hidef, but not top tier quality. With SAW franchise being a dark, gloomy, gritty look franchise, this one stands out to where the print looks clean, but the grain is still intact. Throughout the film, I saw some soft sports, but for the most part the picture was smooth. I was impressed with how well the film transferred to Blu-ray and you could tell they were going this direction after the SAW III transfer which for the most part was also pristine compared to SAW I and II on Blu-ray.

SAW IV arrives with DTS-HD, which I still can’t take advantage of with my current receiver. Not only does this movie offer dialog heavy scenes, but we also get the scenes with the traps where people are yelling for help, and I was able to hear sounds from the traps in my speakers behind me. All around a much solid after here too compared to the other releases on Blu-ray.

The extras on this disc are very good like always, most of them are in full HD 1080p glory, while others are in your standard def quality. There are several commentaries on this disc, trailers, the returning traps and props of SAW IV, to name a few of the extras.

If you are a fan of the SAW franchise, I highly recommend that you purchase the Blu-ray edition of SAW IV, especially if you have the equipment to take advantage.

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