Q-Games released their most ambitious title yet on PSN with ‘PixelJunk Eden’. For $9.99 you are getting a title that will net you several hours of gameplay, equaling the amount of gameplay hours that a $50-$60 retail title offers. First there was ‘PixelJunk Cars’ which was an alright first effort, then came ‘PixelJunk Monsters’ which was a fun strategy game, but Q-Games has learned from their previous two PSN releases in making ‘PixelJunk Eden’ the best effort yet.

Q-Games have done away with the main menu, and they have done something neat with ‘PixelJunk Eden’. Your own personal garden is your menu where you will access your gardens and other options.

You start ‘PixelJunk Eden’ as something called a Grimp, which equals ‘Grip’ and ‘Jump’. In ‘PixelJunk Eden’ you are gripping to plants and jumping off of them in your own Eden. Your goal is to obtain all of the Spectra in the 10 gardens; Spectra are a glowing looking plant bulb that helps create more plant life as you obtain each one in a garden. Your gardens start out with just a few plants on the ground and as pollen is flowing around in the air, you will need to hit this pollen to burst floating Prowlers which then as you hit the floating Prowlers they seed new plant life for you to use for getting higher in the garden to locating more Spectra. The difficulty increases with each garden, gradually making ‘PixelJunk Eden’ a very addictive title in the process. No matter how frustrated I was at time falling from the very top of the garden to the base, I sucked it up, I made my way back up.
Your Grimp doesn’t have a health bar, but there is a health bar for the time that you have in the garden in the lower left hand side of the screen. It decreases as you play through the garden, but the only way for it to fill up again is by obtaining crystals or when you find Spectra in the garden. Even with enemies in the garden of all kinds of weird shapes, they can’t decrease your time clock or kill you. The enemies just knock you off a plant which could cause you to fall all the way down.

‘PixelJunk Eden’ also supports video recording, which then can be uploaded to YouTube. This is a very neat little feature that I can see many companies following suite with in the future. Graphically ‘PixelJunk Eden’ is rather simple, but a nice looking design with different eye popping colors. The sound department is where I feel ‘PixelJunk Eden’ also exceeds in a lot. We have Techno pop throughout the entire game, and I am not a fan of Techno pop, but boy does it sound good while playing this game.

The control layout is a learning curve and it may turn people off at first, but give a good 30 minutes to an hour and all that will change once you have the control down. Too many people will probably give up right at this point due to the controls being frustrating.

‘PixelJunk Eden’ is a very interesting title released on PSN for a mere $9.99. Titles like ‘PixelJunk Eden’ are making the Playstation Network unique and giving it a life of its own. ‘PixelJunk Eden’ also supports ‘Trophies’ for those looking to add to their total. Like ‘Super Stardust HD’, ‘PixelJunk Eden’ adds a new way of gaming to the mix with unique gameplay, controls, and the addition of YouTube support.

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