In what has to be a turning point, EA Sports BIG has changed gears and made some big changes to the talk trashing, in your face, anything goes NFL Street. Many are wondering why such a drastic change to the game, but 1 word/3 letters for you, the NFL. Over at the NFL, the big cheeses decided that Street was way over the top and giving the game of football a bad representation so they forced EA to make changes that would rebrand NFL Street to NFL Tour minus the over the top antics such as the Gamebreakers for example.

Reading review after review on this game, having scored in the mid 4’s at many sites has done nothing but turned many people away from this title that not even the $39.99 price tag could save it. I see it in a different light, I think it has helped to a certain degree on toning down the game, while hurt it in a few other areas.

In Street, we had all kinds of backyard like environments from construction yards to parks which gave that game that off season backyard football feel. Now things have changed and we have Arena Football like fields which aren’t your usual NFL length fields. They have also added a SuperBowl looking like atmosphere with fireworks galore when you score for each field looks the same.  The fireworks just don’t look right for some reason when initiated.

Graphically, this game is very underwhelming and for a new franchise on the PS3 and 360, today’s 2 most powerful systems this can almost pass off as a XBOX1 or PS2 game that you have popped in for BC play. I’m not too sure with the deal or decision to go this route, but as
long as the game is fun it shouldn’t matter.

On the gameplay front, this is where a lot has changed. When you start up a game, we get 90 second halves with no timeouts. But the play clock stops with every play, so it allows you to make your play choices without having to worry about the clock running all the way down. We don’t get Gamebreakers, playing juggle with the ball as you run, bouncing the ball off the ground, and any of the over the top antics of yesteryear. While I am glad some of the over the top stuff is gone, some of it could have made some kind of return. I found the gameplay way too basic and this is a game that my 4 year old son could play.

NFL Tour mode which is the meat and potatoes of this game is also very barebones when compared to what Street had. You select your team and just progress from city to city with a different set of objectives against each team. Now what is upsetting here is that there is no progression system for your team, created player, or the overall mode. The biggest bummer about this mode is that there are no unlockables or rewards for beating each team; you can only
unlock achievements for your gamer tag score.

I can deal with the rest of the problems with NFL Tour since this is an ok pick and play type of game, but Trey Wingo has to be the worst videogame announcer in sports gaming history because the programmers did such a bad job. The other night when I was playing a game, Wingo repeated the same comment a good 3 times. I was like, WTF! just happened!

I can only recommend this game if you can find it at $19.99 or $29.99. I was lucky that Circuit City had a free $10 GFC promotion with this or else the $39.99 is still too much. I really feel for all intents and purposes, that the team designed this game to look like their Arena Football franchise because this is going to be the engine used for the next game. For those like myself that has owned and played the AFL EA games, just look at the similarities. Mark my words when next year comes rolling around and we get AFL ’09, place both games next to each other and it will be the same engine.

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