Forum member Rudy Dyck has contributed his thoughts on the MLB: The Show 11 demo which released on 2/22/2011 for the Playstation 3.

I wasn’t very impressed by the demo and this pretty much cements the idea that I won’t be getting the Show 11. I only played 1.5 games before I quit.

I didn’t think the graphics looked that good. When you watch the 2K11 and Show 11 videos it appears the Show looks a TON better. But the demo didn’t look that great and I think it’s mainly because they chose to do the game with an overcast sky. Baseball games look a lot better in the pure sun because of the shadows and the resulting lighting effects. I think they screwed it up because the game just didn’t look so hot in the partial shade. I popped in 2K10 and played a game with SF at home against Texas and while I still like the player models of the Show better (and the faces are a lot better too), I thought 2K10 looked better overall. The crowds look good, the colours are bright and the lighting was great. People are calling 2K11 a PS2 version of a baseball game but that’s a little nuts. Either way not that big a deal and I don’t think graphics will be the difference between the two games. The animations for 2K10 were pretty rough in areas while the Show is a lot more polished in this area.

I think the audio sounded a little poor for the Show 11 demo. The crowd didn’t sound that great and I miss the organ from 2K10. Could be a demo/audio restriction though. Karros replaces Rex but I’m one of the few that liked Rex. The commentary isn’t as good as 2K.

The Show umps – they suck! I seemed to get screwed quite often.

Camera angles – I wish the fielding camera was more dynamic. I’d like to see Medium on the grounders and line drives and High on the outfield popups. You can’t see enough of the ball on deep flies. I was disappointed that we couldn’t use the camera editor since I didn’t like any of the default camera angles. I like the straight behind the pitcher view (like Minnesota, Pitcher1 in 2K10 with 3,1,10 settings at the moment) and I couldn’t use it. I like the zoomed out default camera in 2K10 and I couldn’t create that in the demo either. I don’t think this will be an issue for retail.

Analog pitching – not bad but I prefer gesture pitching without a doubt. I think the Show may have erred in having the missed locations be dependent on the stick. I think it should be more random than it is. I was pitching on All-Star and I found there were WAY too many passed balls imo. Obviously this is a new system to me but I felt it was too punishing on All-Star with a miss = passed ball/dirt pitch. I cranked the consistency all the way up and it was a lot better. One nice thing was that your sliders and settings carry over if you restart the game. Overall this was fun but gesture pitching is where it’s at for me.

Analog batting – this was too tough for me. I wish you could use analog batting without having to push side to side. I might get by with side to side if the pitch speed was slower but it is just way too fast. Not only do I have to pull back and up at just the right moment, I also have to choose the side of the plate to swing at a ball that is racing in at me. I lowered the pitch speed to 0 and still found it too frustrating. How do the devs expect kids to be successful with the fast pitch speeds? This has always been an issue for me and not for too many hardcore fans but I just don’t understand why they don’t make the slider more responsive. I doubt I would ever be able to use the analog batting because I would never walk and just get frustrated. I’m completely at the mercy of the pitcher throwing me stuff near the zone. If you can handle the pitch speed I think this could be really fun but if you find the pitch speed too fast you are screwed.

Analog fielding – I didn’t really have any problems here on Veteran. I threw some balls in the dirt but I didn’t mind that. I don’t know how to hit the cutoff anymore though. The game still has too many animations kick in at poor times. Maybe I didn’t preload but a couple times my SS came up with a lazy animation on the throw to first and one time the guy beat my throw. Is that me or the game? Not sure but it was annoying.

This is still the Show. If you liked last year’s game I’m sure you will like this year’s game. I’m not sure how much of the actual gameplay has changed but the feel will be familiar. I think the analog controls will be a nice change for some people but I’m a 2K guy now. I’m sure some of you Show guys won’t be too happy with 2K11. The two games certainly have a different feel so hopefully everyone can be happy this year.

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