Metallica’s debut album from 1983 which helped them break onto the scene. ‘KEA’ is a thrash metal fans dream come true with many classic songs that would become even more popular as the band would become popular themselves with later releases. This album was to be labeled ‘Metal Up Your Ass’, but the distributor wouldn’t allow a name like that. Due to the name being to explicit for the early 80’s, the band had to change the name of the album.

Dave Mustaine (Megadeath) was the original guitarist while the album was being written. Mustaine was fired at one point due to his alcoholism and disruptive behavior, but the issue at hand is that he has been bitter with the band for not giving him proper credit on many songs and for not giving him a chance. The band did give Mustaine credit for 4 songs on their debut album.

While the next three albums would slowly be more about war torn society, ‘KEA’ has many apocalyptic epics about the Apocalypse. The guitar work on ‘KEA’ is great and I am truly surprised that Hammet and Burton still had their fingers intact after this album. Some of the rhythm sections of drummer Lars Ulrich and bassist Cliff Burton are just an unbelievable spectacle. If there is one weak point of the album, it would be Hetfield’s vocals due to the poor production value of the album. Out of all their albums, if they could go back and re-record it would be this one with St. Anger coming in a swift second.

Another note of interest is that this album is pure thrash metal and their only album to feature this kind of music. With ‘Ride The Lightning’ the band changed their sound to more of a progressive metal sound. Again, Metallica is a band about change and the music that they want to play which is always a good to keep things fresh.

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