losts4bluray‘LOST’ is one of those television shows that that will have you looking for answers. When we thought the well had run dry with Season Three, the writers threw us all for a loop leading into Season Four. This is one of those television shows that will keep you at the edge of your seat from start to finish. ‘LOST’ has taken us from twist and turn over the last four years raising more questions than answers in the earlier years.

I have been a huge fan of ‘LOST’ since its debut on ABC. It has been one wild ride for the survivors of the Oceanic Flight 815. The more time that they spend on the island, the more they learn how dangerous it has become to stay there as a few different groups of people have surfaced.

There were a few times towards the end of Season Two and Three that I felt this show can only go so far. I kept on saying to myself that storylines need to be wrapped up very soon since the questions keep on getting raised, but there are no answers. The writers decide that we are going to move forward in time telling the story from that viewpoint. This actually has worked out very well moving forward in time as it allows the writers to expand the story. They are able to tell pieces of the story that would have not been possible if the plot would have stayed the same.

We learn more about ‘The Others’ than we have the first three seasons. As much as this was a struggle for the survivors it also became one for many of the viewers trying to figure out where things were going. Do not think that the writers give us all the information that you would think about ‘The Others’ right off the bat, but we do learn more about them yet what are their true intentions is still the question.

Season Four was cut short due to the writer’s strike, so we were only introduced to 14 episodes. All 14 episodes are spread across over four BD-50 Blu-ray discs. This is a rather impressive feat considering how beautiful the show looks. There is also a fifth disc that is chock full of bonus features in high definition.
Movie Content: 4.5/5


Print/Audio Quality

The print is presented in 1080p/AVC MPEG-4 with a 1.78:1 aspect ratio. The print looks very good for a television show presented in high definition. Colors are vibrant and strong as this show benefits a lot from being outside with vegetation, jungles, water, and the land that encompasses the island. Blacks are deep helping to bring out the best details of the print. Fleshtones are natural looking realistic which again adds to the excellent details. If there is an issue with the print, some of the darker scenes actually have noise in them that can be a bit distracting to the viewer. Disney does an excellent job yet again with bringing ‘LOST’ Season Four to high definition.
Video Quality: 4.5/5

Audio is presented in English Uncompressed PCM 5.1 mix. Like many television shows, ‘LOST’ is dialogue driven, with bits and pieces of action. The soundfield does get some activity due to the score and with effects. The rears when they were in action pushed the sound effects directionally from speaker to speaker. Dialogue was clean and crisp sounding well balanced with the surround mix.
Audio Quality: 4/5


Special Features

  • Lost in 8:15 – synopsis of the events
  • The Right to Bear Arms – check out the guns of LOST
  • The Freighter Folk – look at the new faces from The Freighter
  • The Island Backlot: Lost in Hawaii – how Hawaii was transformed into the world of LOST
  • The Oceanic Six: A Conspiracy of Lies – documentary with survivors of Oceanic 815
  • Offshore Shoot – shoot on the Freighter set
  • Soundtrack of Survival: Composing for Character, Conflict & The Crash
  • LOST on Location
  • Course Of The Future: The Definitive Flash-Forwards
  • LOST Bloopers
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Audio Commentaries
  • SeasonPlay
  • Course Of The Future: The Definitive Interactive Flash Forwards – Additional Insider Information
  • More From The Symphony – the Other’s theme

The special features are very good and there are a plethora of extras in this release. All features are presented in high definition.
Special Features: 4/5

Final Thoughts:

‘LOST’ Season Four is an excellent comeback for this great show. When the show felt like it was heading south in Season Three, the writers turned things around leading into Season Four. On Blu-ray, ‘LOST’ Season Four has very good video and audio bringing the show to life. With a great assortment of special features, my favorite has to be ‘LOST in 8:15’ as it helps bring newcomers up to speed which many DVD/Blu-ray sets don’t have in place for a new viewers.
Overall Rating: 4/5 (Purchase)