Episode: Pilot, Part 2
Aired: September 29, 2004

In the first part of the pilot, the survivors discover that they are not alone on the island when an unseen monster kills the plane’s pilot and chases Charlie, Kate and Jack in the jungle. Now back together, and having survived the attack, Pilot Part 2 immediately shifts to a flashback scene of Charlie on the plane as he rushes to the restroom. Inside, he swallows a handful of heroin and drops what remains in the bag inside the toilet just as the plane hits severe turbulence.

Having spent most of the first part on Jack, Charlie and Kate, this episode focuses on introducing the other main characters in the series. We meet half-siblings, Boone and Shannon, a married Korean couple, Jin and Sun, and Michael, a black father traveling with his son Walt (who happens to be the owner of Vincent, the dog that showed up next to Jack in the first scene).

With receiver in hand, Jack and Kate learn from Sayid, a former Iraqi Republican Guard accused by Sawyer, a rural Southerner, of crashing the plane, that the receiver is dead, but can be fixed. In order to send out a signal strong enough to call for help, Sayid informs Kate that they will have to hike to a high point within the jungle…deep within the realm of the monster. Despite warnings from her brother, Shannon decides to join Kate, Sayid, Charlie and Sawyer on the hike.

Meanwhile, back on the beach, Walt becomes friendly with John Locke as he sets up a game of backgammon. Walt reveals to Locke that his mother recently passed away and asks about the rules of the game. Locke explains that backgammon is the oldest game in the world – 5,000 years old – and played between two players – one light, one dark.

On the hike, the survivors fear that the monster has returned, but are shocked to learn that the incoming beast Sawyer shoots down is a polar bear living a normal life in the warm jungle. As the group questions the validity of the bear, Kate asks Sawyer how he got his hands on a gun. After Sawyer explains that he found the gun on the dying U.S. Marshal (the man Jack pulled from the wreckage and is hoping to save) Sayid accuses Sawyer of being the prisoner the U.S. Marshal was escorting to LA.

As we flashback to the plane, we find that a handcuffed Kate is sitting next to the U.S. Marshal reminding her to remain positive. The plane hits turbulence, the Marshal is knocked unconscious by a fallen suitcase, and Kate wrestles with her cuffs before finally releasing herself to provide an oxygen mask to both herself and the Marshal. This is also the first time we see the plane break in half.

Now standing at a high enough point to receive feedback on the radio, Sayid informs the group that they can not transmit because something else is already transmitting from close by. Finding the right channel, Shannon translates a French woman’s message looping: “Please help me, please come get me. I’m alone now, on the Island alone. Please someone come. The others, they are dead. It killed them. It killed them all.” As the message loops, a counter interrupting the playback is translated by Sayid to have been looping the message for 16 years and 5 months. Fearing that the French woman was never saved, Charlie asks: “Guys, where are we?”