losts5“You have a long journey ahead of you.” Those are the last words echoed by Christian in last week’s episode of Lost. It is likely a foreshadowing of events to come, but every fan hearing those words might have thought it better if said to us prior to the show’s pilot. It has been a long journey and as we approach the end of Lost in May 2010, we move closer to finding out what exactly is happening on the Island and why the producers of this series needed this show to be leagues deeper than a Cast Away ripoff.

Last week we returned to Sawyer nearly gasping in surprise at the unexpected return of Jack, Kate and Hurley. After quick hellos and a few shocking (for the “new” arrivals) revelations (such as a nice welcome to 1977) Sawyer quickly dodges a good situation turning bad by arranging to have Jack, Kate and Hurley appear on the list of new DHARMA recruits arriving to the Island by submarine. But, just as things seem to be going well, Sayid finds himself being captured in the jungle and deemed a Hostile by DHARMA.

After another succesful effort by Sawyer (this time to keep Sayid alive), Sayid is placed in a cell where he is eventually greeted by a young Ben – for those paying attention, this is a complete role reversal as Ben once saw himself in this situation with Sayid, yet it was Ben doing his best to convince Sayid that he was not an Other. What this means for that interrogation in 2006 still remains slightly unclear. We have learned that Charles Widmore remembered Locke visiting the Island in 1954. However, we do not know how traveling to the past effects events we, as an audience, have already witnessed (see also: Locke running into Ethan during the flashes). Does the older Ben recall this event in 1977? Could this be a reason why he recruited Sayid to help him keep the secret of the Island a…secret?

Lost has always found a way to harp on the love triangle between Jack, Kate and insert third person here. First it was Sawyer. Then it was Juliet stealing Jack’s affection. Now, the triangle has reached epic proportions. Sawyer is with Juliet and becoming emotionally confused, Jack is in shock, Kate is still in high school, unsure which guy she likes best, and Juliet’s eyes have appropriately turned green. The love triangle will definitely be a part of Lost until it’s conclusion, but it’s never clear which way this will go.

Some shows usually center around two characters whose budding love escalates every season unbenowst to them, but completely obvious to the audience. Now in season five, we still don’t really know who is Laura to Steve Urkel. And this won’t go away. I know fans would rather that episodes answer questions about the Island instead of focusing on the drama of several romances, but these are the stories that give characters believable motivation. Love drove Desmond to get off the Island, just as love for his family and friends convinced Hurley to give up his cursed millions. Though you can argue it’s a stretch, you could say that love for the Island (or perhaps even a strive for affection and acceptance) has carried Locke from a wheelchair to a casket.

Love now aside, there are mysteries to answer and the writers have focused on drawing us closer to them. Time is still an important theme here that continues to argue science and faith (In the end, we might discover that both must coexist) and the Losties find themselves trapped within it’s imposing rules and limitations. How does Sun, now in 2007, reach her love (I promise this won’t continue to be a main topic in future reviews), Jin, who is now in 1977. How do Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley and Sayid help save the Island when they now work for the people they’re supposedly trying to stop? And how will Jack handle his first week scrubbing toilets in the Arrow Station (my guess is not so well)? Perhaps there’s a good book somewhere that will help Sawyer figure it all out.