losts5The following contains spoilers for those that have not seen episodes 501 and 502 of Lost.

Skipping Records and Streets
In the Season 4 Finale we witnessed the Island vanishing before our eyes. How this happened was self-explanatory. Ben, fearing that the Island was in danger, pushed a frozen donkey wheel possessing enough power to transport the Island to a new location. Where the Island moved remained a question we asked and…well, continue to ask.

“Because You Left” does a decent job trying to answer this question, but much like Lost’s many other mysterious, it only leaves the audience slightly more confused. Physicist Daniel Faraday does his best – though, you always get the feeling he’s keeping important information hostage – to explain the situation to the Losties, despite initially refusing to do so. As the assumed new leader of the beach dwellers, Sawyer confronts Faraday for an explanation when the camp goes missing. Faraday tentatively asks the survivors to imagine the Island as a skipping record dislodged in time. In other words, “The camp isn’t gone, it hasn’t been built yet.”

While this might offer some solace in understanding where the Island vanished, it does not completely explain why the Island vanished when the Losties are the ones apparently traveling through time, as Faraday suggests in his explanation. The question is never posted by the Losties (for good reason, as they are unaware of the Island vanishing) and Faraday does little to fully explain on his own accord, instead choosing to continue moving forward before another jump in time.

Upon understanding the situation, Sawyer attempts to reason that if the Losties are in fact traveling through time, they can speak to the survivors of the past and warn them that the freighter will go up in flames. This would save the seven people Sawyer and Juliet believe to have died in the explosion. Faraday immediately disagrees explaining time as a street. “One can move forward and backward, but cannot under any circumstance create a new street.”

However, just as quickly as Faraday reasons that if it never happened it couldn’t happen, Faraday is sprinkling scientific reasoning with a dash of faith. He remains behind to reveal to the audience that there is in fact a special circumstance that can alter time at least in the slightest. Apparently, if you once loved a woman, traveled across the world to prove one’s worth to that woman, landed on a mysterious Island, and pushed a button for three years, you fit the description of a man that is uniquely special or as Faraday so eloquently puts it, one that “the rules don’t apply to.” Further expanding on the mysterious of Lost, Daniel Faraday plants a memory in a HAZMAT suit donning Desmond Hume, warning him that his friends on the Island are in danger.

Regrets, Murder, and Court Orders
Off the Island, the audience is pushed three years into the future falling upon the continuation of Jack and Ben plotting to recruit the Oceanic 6 for a return to the Island. Ben offers few reasons why the entire group needs to return, but he is adamant in explaining to Jack that without the full group the remaining Losties will die.

We already know from previous flash-forwards that Jack possesses an innate fear of Hurley revealing the truth behind the crash of Flight 815. So it acts as no surprise that both Ben and Jack seem to intuitively decide that Hurley should be the first to convince returning to the Island. While this is never actually revealed, it goes without saying that Jack’s relationship with Hurley is his closest with any of the Oceanic 6. It’s also fairly obvious that Hurley has less, outside of Jack, to lose upon a return to the island.

Further heightening the reasons for Hurley to insist on a return to the Island is a mistaken charge of murder. Hurley finds himself saving an unconscious Sayid, all while the episode reveals that Hurley once claimed three years prior that he would not help Sayid even in the direst of situations.

Why this is important could present many theories. Hurley expresses that he does not enjoy lying and as previously mentioned, he is perceived to be the most likely to tell the truth about the Island. It also presents a character trait that has followed Hurley from the beginning. Despite being perceived as a weak character with little self-motivation, Hurley is the most motivated to rebuild relationships and have faith in his friends.

The future also reveals that an unknown person or persons are questioning Kate’s relation to Aaron. After an attorney arrives at her door with court orders to conduct DNA tests, Kate packs her bags and leaves her home with Claire’s son.

A Hurley-centric Episode Or Not So Much
“The Lie” (Episode 502) is written as a Hurley-centric episode following the regular format of Lost episodes. However, breaking the mold just a bit, “The Lie” finds ways to flash-forward to other members of the Oceanic 6 and characters. This introduces an interesting development in the structure of Lost. As the story begins to fully unfold, it appears likely that Lost will begin to center on several characters instead of the usual one. Since the Oceanic 6 will need to band together to return to the Island, it is likely that we’ll see each of their stories unfold together until they reach the same point.

At this moment, Hurley, Ben, Jack, and Sayid find themselves indirectly connected in the early moments of Season Five. Ben and Jack are working together to round the troops, and Hurley originally finds himself trying to hide himself and Sayid in his mansion home.

A Warning
Finding himself in a tight situation, Hurley drives the unconscious Sayid in his vehicle as far away as possible from the scene of the crime. His nerves and fear force Hurley to drive recklessly and unsurprisingly catches the attention of a police officer. Hurley, the ever ambivalent decides to pull-over despite the likelihood that he is a wanted man. Much to his surprise, Ana Lucia reveals herself and scolds Hurley first for pulling over, second for being irresponsible enough to catch the attention of a police officer.

This has become a constant theme for Lost: dead characters returning to invoke some form of advice. It also seems to be a regular occurrence for Hurley who purposely re-admits himself to a mental institution to avoid the many dead people presenting themselves to him. Of course, this is no solution as Hurley often finds himself either playing chess with the ghost of Mr. Eko, or being fore warned by Charlie that his friends on the Island need his help.

70 Hours
Ms. Hawking reveals to Ben that he has only 70 hours to get the Oceanic 6 back to the Island. This becomes a problem when Hurley willingly offers himself to police after Ben arrives at his home. While we know that Ben and Jack are working together, the audience is locked out on an apparent discussion between Sayid and Jack involving Ben. This presents some confusion in regards to Sayid’s working relationship with Ben. Prior to Sayid falling unconscious he warns Hurley to do the exact opposite of everything Ben suggests. So, of course, when Ben suggests that Hurley come with him, Hurley darts out of his home taking Sayid’s advice.

This begs the question, who is working with who? When Sayid tells Jack that he is afraid of who would be visiting Hurley, there does not appear to be any fight against his fear by Jack. If Sayid is truthfully worried of Ben speaking to Hurley, what could have happened between Ben and Sayid to cause a rift in their new bond? Does Ben have more to worry about then recruiting Hurley? Everything remains to be seen.

Time Shifts
Where the jumps in time eventually lead is unknown. As of the last time shift, we discover that the Losties, save a few dead red shirts, are in the 1940’s under the attack of a group referring to the Island as their own.