left4deadMy good buddy Dave Roland had an extra code to get the Left 4 Dead demo early.  Thanks Dave!  After playing through the demo, I can tell you a few things about the game.  Number one, it is non-stop action.  There is no let up at all, hardly even time to catch your breath.  The zombie hordes come at you in waves, sometimes in swarms.  There are a few “special” enemies, such as hunters, who crouch and can leap 50 feet through the air, and another called boomers (I think that’s correct) that blow up when they get close to you.  Worse, if they vomit on you (yeah, it’s disgusting) it attracts the aforementioned swarms of zombies and you are in deep trouble.

You play the game with 3 other characters by your side.  They can be human or CPU controlled, or a combination of both.  The CPU does a good job of acting intelligently and helping you out.  I did not get a chance to play with other people (you can do split screen on one console or have up to 4 players on Xbox Live) but I can only imagine that it would be an absolute blast.  If you don’t all stick together, you will be overrun by the zombies and killed in short order.

The game controls like a dream.  The setup is very straightforward and it takes no time at all to become an expert at moving your guy (or gal) around and slaying the undead.  On top of the non-stop action is incredible atmosphere.  The game literally had me jumping in my chair, mostly because attacks can come from anywhere, at any time.  Sounds and graphics are top notch; this is very well made game.

My only concern is that it seems like it would be really repetitive, but according to some previews I read, there is a sort of biorhythm that controls how many creatures are thrown at you.  Not sure how this works, but Official Xbox Magazine (which the gave the game a 9.5 score in it’s review) says the game has tons of replayability.  Multiplayer lets you play co-op or even head-to-head as zombies versus humans.

I am sure this game is going to be a huge hit, especially with the online mode.  I would definitely recommend downloading the demo once it becomes widely available.  Play it in the dark and with the sound turned up.  It’s quite a rush.