It seems like there are a lot of animated films being released these days as opposed to year ago when they were a dime a dozen. While there are a few things that aren’t flattering to the viewer by the animation, the story really helps make ‘The Blue Elephant’ shine ahead of many other animated films which get lost in their own script. ‘The Blue Elephant’ is a direct to DVD animated film created by Jim Henson Discoveries and also released in association with The Weinstein Company. It is great to see that Jim Henson’s company continues to live on through his son and the animation studio. I was a huge ‘Fraggle Rock’ fan growing up as a kid, as Jim Henson’s muppets became even much more famous with Kermit the Frog.

‘The Blue Elephant’ tells a very nice fairy tale that will draw the kids in. My kids watched this movie 3 times last night, even after I suggested we put something else on. ‘The Blue Elephant’ is based off of a story Chao Praya Prah Hongsawadee story by Ariya Jintapanichkarn. Our tale introduces us to a baby elephant Khan (Jeremy Redleaf) who has a lot of aspirations at such a young age. His goal is to become the royal elephant for the King of Thailand (Richard Epcar). Even elephants have dreams and aspirations. Khan gets separated from his mother and makes it a goal to find his missing father who has disappeared.

Along the way, Khan meets a bird Jai (Martin Short) that is so hyper you would think he chugged gallons of coffee, an elephant trainer Tian (Carl Reiner), and a woman Kon Suav (Miranda Cosgrove). All three help train Khan to be able to defend himself and fight, but for war. Yes, I did say the word war. The Burmese army has ravaged the lands in Thailand as they try to rule. It comes down to Khan to defend his honor and country.

The animation is not bad, but it is the one area that ‘The Blue Elephant’ suffers a little bit in. There appears to be a bit of voice syncing issues between the dialogue and the animations. As I mentioned earlier, this can be over looked due to the fact that there is a very good story here that will not only engross children, but also adults. The film releases on September 2, 2008 on DVD and if you are a fan of animation with good story telling I highly recommend that you give ‘The Blue Elephant’ a viewing.

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