Videogames don’t tend to translate too well to the big screen due to many factors that writing/directorial teams try to go way over the top or it’s the case of terrible acting. We get the dime a dozen theory with videogame to movie translations more often than we care. When ‘Hitman’ hit the theaters, I wanted to go see it but the opportunity didn’t lend itself. After some hesitation to see it on Blu-ray at the $27 price point due to mixed reactions, I am glad that I actually purchased ‘Hitman’ on Blu-ray.

‘Hitman’ reminds me a lot of the ‘Transporter’ series, another franchise that is distributed by ‘FOX’. It has a story that drives the main character with bang up, kick ass, balls to the wall action. Back in the late 80’s and early 90’s we had a man by the name of Steven Segal, he brought almost the same type of offerings to the big screen. To me movies like these are a throwback to the 80’s action style. ‘Hitman’ has it all, prostitutes, violence up the ying yang, guns blazing, limbs being torn off, and buckets of blood to give this the ‘Unrated’ treatment.

The story centers on the ‘Hitman’ Agent 47 who is the hunted by Interpol Agent Whittier, but also has a hit on him by the cartel. We get very little backstory on Agent 47 and the secret order of Hitmen to cover basis for those that are unfamiliar with the ‘Hitman’ universe, but it is still confusing. Things get interesting when the prostitute Nika gets involved, by not her choosing, as she is the key to answering why the setup on Agent 47 was blamed for the murder of Russian President Mikhail Belicoff. In my reviews I tend to be very slim on hashing out the story, for the reason that I don’t want to spoil it but being able to give you enough to know what the central point of the story revolves around.

There are a few things that I didn’t care for in this story because they just weren’t given the time needed to feel like a part of the story. One example that had me confused is the relationship between Agent 47 and Nika, it is like a mystery. When I saw that ‘Hitman’ was 94 minutes long, which is where some of my issues lie that they just didn’t give this enough time to build on a few concepts. If we ever do get a sequel, I hope that more time is given to allow the film to shine even more.

I found the transfer to be excellent, pristine in some scenes and grainy in others. I didn’t see this one in the theater to compare, but it was more in the darker scenes where the grain was prevalent. I have read too many people comparing this transfer to DVD quality and all I have to say is that they should have their television sets checked because this is a nice transfer. The sound is another story, and felt very consistent to me throughout during dialog and action sequences. The dialog scenes will not compare to the new standard in “No Country” where there is a perfect balance, but they did an excellent job here. ‘Hitman’ is presented in DTS-HD and boy does the sound rock your house that you feel like a part of the shoot outs and action.

I usually never cover extra features, but I do want to mention that ‘Hitman’ is the first film with ‘Digital Copy’ in the Blu-ray line of movies. Packaged in the case is a second disc which is a DVD which you place in your PC and then transfer the movie to your iPod or Windows Media Player. I do hope that this continues as a feature with Blu-ray from all studios because it can be huge. I would like to know where the PSP, Mp3 Player, or Zune support is. This is the one thing that they really need to fix if they are going to make this a widespread feature.