hannahmontantadvdgameHannah Montana DVD Game Review
The ‘Hannah Montana’ DVD Game is rather interesting as many DVD games bring a lot of fun and joy for the entire family. What Disney has done is take the television show and placed it at your finger tips using your DVD remote. You get to play as any of your favorite characters from the ‘Hannah Montana’ television show.

There are over 12 interactive games that can be enjoyed at a fingers moment. This is rather simple since all you need is a television, DVD player, and the DVD remote control. There is no other hardware needed.

I found the Personality Quiz very interesting and fun as you find out how you compare to the show’s characters. My kids had a blast with this feature. Then there was another feature where you could play with your friend and quiz them to see if they really know who you are. Are they really your true friend or not. Then there is the game Pop Star which allows you to sing along as if you were Hannah Montana.

My kids had a great time with the Hannah Montana game. There is a rather fast pace to the game and this will help pass the time having fun.

highschoolmusicaldvdHigh School Musical DVD Game Review
The ‘High School Musical’ DVD Game is very similar to the ‘Hannah Montana’ DVD game, except now you are the star on stage in a musical setting. Again, you get to choose from the cast of ‘High School Musical’. It is very cool, you can do several different activities such as karaoke or even play a game of ball.

Quizzes make a return here and the one that was enjoyable is the ‘Take The Career Finder’ Quiz’ which helps you find the correct career path for yourself. In a way this is nice as it can help younger kids start thinking of what they want to do later on in life.

There is also a ‘East High Graduation Challenge’ that is trivia based off of the film franchise. You will be asked many questions from the show. You better make sure that you know your ‘High School Musical’ scene by scene.