The 15th season of the classic Western TV series! Marshal Matt Dillon keeps the peace in rough and tumble Dodge City. Watch history being made! Back for an unprecedented fifteenth season, the leading citizens of Dodge City — headed by James Arness as Marshal Matt Dillon, Amanda Blake as Kitty, Milburn Stone as Doc, Ken Curtis as Festus, Buck Taylor as Newly, and Glenn Strange as Sam — take turns in the spotlight in the 13 episodes that comprise this 4-disc collection.

Studio: Paramount Home Video/CBS Films
Year: 1969
Release Date: October 1, 2019
Run time: 756 minutes
Rating: NR

Audio: Dolby Digital mix
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
Disc Spec: 3 DVD
Region: A

Season 15 of Gunsmoke, originally telecast in 1969 – 70 has 26 episodes.The only surviving regular cast member of “Gunsmoke” is Buck Taylor, now age 81 , who played Newly O’Brien. Once again remastered to perfection. I can hardly believe seasons 16 and 17 are already slated to be released later this year (December 10th). Also, now that the seasons moving forward are down to 24 episodes each, CBS is releasing the remaining seasons in single volumes (only 6 disks needed instead of 7 disks), which should reduce the cost, at least a bit.

Here we are in 2019 and I just have to say that Gunsmoke is just Timeless! This show is simply amazing, once you start to watch it for 5 minutes, that’s it, you have to watch the rest. It’s full of adventurous storylines, plots and anazing acting. In a time where there is so much indifference in the world, the character of Marshall Matt Dillon and his friends, shows us an individual in law enforcement and friends who is fair, and unbiased regardless of one’s ethnicity. He is fair to those who have made mistakes and try to do better.

This guide is for the complete season, Volume 1 has the first 15 episodes, volume 2 has the last 11 episodes.

Ep 1 – The Devil’s Outpost ( Robert Lansing, Karl Swenson )
While foiling a stage holdup Dillon takes one of the men prisoner. While bringing him back to Dodge he must deal with the prisoner’s brother and his gang and their attempts to free him
Ep 2 – Stryker ( Morgan Woodward, Royal Dano )
Josh Stryker, a former U. S. Marshal, returns to Dodge City after fifteen years in prison for murder.
Ep 3 – Coreyville ( Nina Foch, Kevin Coughlin )
Marshal Matt Dillon is brought to Coreyville by Ellie Wylie to ensure a fair trial for her brother, Titus.
Ep 4 – Danny ( Jack Albertson )
An aging con-man arrives in Dodge with a desire to pull one last con before his health fails.
Ep 5 Hawk ( Brendan Boone, Louise Latham )
Sgt. Hawk is a half-breed lawman who stops by to visit his mother, who bore him while being held captive by Indians 20 years before. He finds that she has nothing but hate for him.
Ep 6 – A Man Called ‘Smith’ ( Earl Holliman, Jacqueline Scott )
Outlaw Will Smith visits his ex-wife Abelia so she can fence some stolen gold in order for him to escape into Mexico.
Ep 7 Charlie Noon ( James Best, Ron Howard )
Matt Dillon is escorting his prisoner Charlie Noon back to Dodge City when he encounters a runaway Indian bride being pursued by the braves of her tribe.
Ep 8 – The Still ( Lane Bradbury )
Merry Florene is back -but this time she has herself a good job as an interim school teacher in Dodge.
Ep 9 A Matter of Honor ( John Anderson )
Louie Pheeters is convicted of killing a man when he cannot remember the circumstance of that night.
Ep 10 – The Innocent ( Eileen Heckart )
A naive missionary woman teacher gets help from Festus in order to get to her rural job. But a group of hillbillies has other plans for the traveling pair.
Ep 11 – Ring of Darkness ( Tom Drake )
Ben Hurley, a poor farmer, steals horses for outlaws to get enough money to take his blind daughter Susan to Kansas City, where she can learn to read and lead a better life.
Ep 12 – MacGraw ( J D Cannon )
After twenty years in prison, Jake MacGraw comes to Dodge City to start over. He takes a job as piano player at the Long Branch.
Ep 13 – Roots of Fear ( John Anderson, Louis Latham )
The Sadlers have scraped and saved all their lives to have a home. When they finally move into one, the bank that has all their money closes and the previous owner of their home wants an immediate payoff.
Ep 14 – The Sisters ( Jack Elam )
When three nuns come into Dodge looking for the father of two small children, they are surprised when the father turns out to be an ornery self-centered old mountain man.
Ep 15 – The War Priest ( Forrest Tucker, Richard Anderson )
An Indian warrior, Gregorio, is wounded escaping from the U.S. Army Fourth Cavalry, and the bigoted, ruthless Sgt. Emmet Holly sets out in hot pursuit.
Ep 16 – The Pack Rat ( Manuel Padilla Jr, Loretta Swit )
As Matt escorts a wounded prisoner to Ft. Union, his camp is invaded by a thieving young boy, whom Matt takes into custody.
Ep 17 – The Judas Gun ( Ron Hayes, Richard X Slattery )
A small family feud between two men goes too far when one of the men hires a gunslinger to take care of business.
Ep 18 – Doctor Herman Schultz, M.D. ( Benny Rubin )
Dr. Herman Schultz, a longtime friend of Doc Adams comes to Dodge City to experiment with Mesmerization (hypnotism) as a medical procedure. However, his motives seem to be less noble.
Ep 19 – The Badge ( Beverly Garland )
Matt is seriously wounded in a gun fight. Kitty is so despondent, she puts the Long Branch up for sale, bids Matt goodbye and leaves Dodge City.
Ep 20 – Albert ( Milton Selzer, William Schallert )
Albert Schiller is losing his job as teller at the bank. When outlaws led by Jake Spence are unsuccessful in robbing the bank, Albert takes $5,000 and blames it on the gang.
Ep 21 – Kiowa ( Victor French, Jean Allison )
When Ed Vail’s daughter is kidnapped by Indians, Ed and his sons set out to find the girl.
Ep 22 – Celia ( Melissa Murphy )
Newly’s best friend becomes the victim of a con game perpetrated by a pretty young woman and her partner.
Ep 23 Morgan ( Steve Forrest )
Matt is away, and Morgan sees his chance to take over. He breaks into the Long Branch, and Kitty is forced to take action.
Ep 24 – The Thieves ( Michael Burns, Royal Dano )
Long Branch bartender Sam Noonan reveals a good bit about his young life while talking to a young man on probation for theft. The thieves, all teenagers, have been given a ‘work release’.
Ep 25 – Hackett ( Earl Holliman , Morgan Woodward )
Will Hackett has just been released from prison after serving ten years for a foiled train robbery
Ep 26 – The Cage ( Steve Carlson )
When a gang tries to kill one of their captured members, the member turns around and teams up with Matt to bring the rest of the members to justice.

Special Features

  • Episodic previews on select episodes

Special Features: 2/10

Final Thoughts

For the 20 years that it ran on CBS,”Gunsmoke” was the essential Western to watch. Not only it was about a Marshal who retain law and order in Dodge City in the 1800’s,but set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Kansas frontier. The stories kept its viewers on edge no matter what its characters were going through as Matt Dillon(played by James Arness) kept the peace alongside his deputies. The twelfth season is fantastic and well worth picking up on DVD.
Overall Rating: 9/10