goldilocksIn the latest Unstable Fables from Jim Henson Company, we have an updated tale on Goldilocks and the 3 Bears story. Goldilocks (Jamie Lynn Spears) is a celebutante (imagine Paris Hilton) whose latest reality venture called Fab Rehab introduces her to the three bears Mac (Tom Arnold), Ruby (Brooke Shields) and Junior (Colton Parsons). They are a family of filth living like pigs, their home in shambles and attracting every bee and insect. Then Goldilocks is invited to do a new reality show where she and her dog Doodie move in with the bears where they are filmed all day long.

While hopped up on pixie sticks, Goldilocks disastrously takes it upon herself to remake the home of the Bear Family when they’re away by turning it into a two-story candy coated version of a gingerbread house filled with suckers, peppermints, and so much potential for tooth decay that four out of five dentists may have to fast-forward through that scene just to take the sugar shock. The family turns the rest of the feature into a sitcom styled satire of fame, celebrity culture.

With this being a Jim Henson production, I wish they would continue with puppet animation. This animation wasn’t the greatest and won’t make them stand out from the likes of Disney and Pixar.

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