The other day B-D reporter BC chatted with legendary director George A. Romero about his forthcoming DVD release of Diary of the Dead, which streets on May 20. During the interview something interesting came up where Romero teased the possibility of ‘Bub’ (from DAY OF THE DEAD) returning in his next zombie picture. Read on for the skinny.

Romero talked with B-D about the possibility of characters from DAWN OF THE DEAD or DAY OF THE DEAD ever appearing in the upcoming films. “I had to go to great lengths for Savini to appear in LAND [OF THE DEAD] in his old costume from DAWN [OF THE DEAD]. The problem is those films are owned and controlled by other people,” he explains. “They’re no longer mine, and it’s very expensive. I can’t do like Steve King did with CASTLE ROCK. However, if i could get the permission…. there’s a character in my new script which could be become Bub, in other words, he would be alive now. But they’d probably want a lot of money for that. I’m bad with that business stuff (laughs).

Will we see the return of the infamous Bub? Let us all cross our fingers. Until then check out DIARY OF THE DEAD on DVD May 20 from Dimension Extreme and Genius Products.