fringeOn Sunday, I attended the Fringe panel at the New York Comic Con. It was a nice surprise as every member of the main cast was in attendance. The panel included the following actors:

Anna Torv (Olivia Dunham)
John Noble (Walter Bishop)
Joshua Jackson (Peter Bishop)
Lance Reddick (Philip Broyles)
Kirk Acevedo (Charlie Francis)
Jasika Nicole (Astrid Farnsworth)
Blair Brown (Nina Sharp)

And the following producer/writer:

Jeff Pinkner (Episode 102: “The Same Old Story”)

Not surprisingly the bunch looked very tight and appeared delighted to be welcomed by so many fans of the series. Joshua Jackson was just as witty and sharp in person as he is in the series. And John Noble was just as weird and confused. It’s possible it was an act, but Mr. Noble definitely brought Walter Bishop along to the panel.

Pinkner shared some relevant information on the series, including a few things some might consider spoilers. So read under your own discretion.

1. The producers started with the end of the series before writing the first episode. “We do know what’s going to happen at the end of our show,” said Pinkner.

When asked if every main cast member will be there, Pinker said yes, then smiled and said, “Though they might not look the same.”

2. We will meet William Bell, CEO of Massive Dynamic. “Bell will make an appearance in the series. We might have already met him.”

3. Peter Bishop’s past and reasons for leaving Boston will be revealed by the end of the first season. To this, Joshua Jackson said, “Really?”

4. The Observer is not an alien. Pinker stated that they appreciate what X-Files did with aliens and their number one rule was to not have aliens in Fringe.

5. There is more than one Observer. That is correct. The Observer himself is an individual person, but there are definitely others just like him. We will meet a second very, very soon.

6. FOX tried really hard to get The Observer to appear on-stage alongside Barack Obama during the Inauguration. Pinkner said that FOX’s determination to market Fringe is amazing.

7. Joshua Jackson is one of those actors that is seriously interested in figuring out the plot of the series he works on. He has a diagram documenting all hints and plot information from Fringe threads online that has become so big he had to remove it from his dressing room and bring it home.

8. The diagrams that appear between commercial breaks are part of a code that reveal information on the plot of the series. “Cracking the code is very difficult,” said Pinkner. He did say that they might have to entertain the possibility of starting a contest to push viewers to figure it out.

9. Anna Torv is a fun person. A college student convinced her to wear a funny hat and pose for a picture. He claimed that he was failing his science class and if she took the picture he would definitely get an A. Torv afterward kept the hat and walked back to the panel with a smile.

10. The host (from TV Guide) was not very good at his job. He constantly spoke away from the microphone so it was difficult to hear his questions to the panel, and he made a lot of the one hour very awkward. Joshua Jackson even at one point commented on the awkward silence on stage.

That about covers the important stuff. It was great seeing the cast. I didn’t stay for any autographs as that would have been a nightmare. Very excited to know that Fringe has a definite ending, so hopefully fans will continue to tune in so we can get there some day.