Judd Apatow films are hilarious and have a very unique style of comedy that has made each one of his films so successful. While his style of comedies has lead to success, there are many more elements that have worked well for the writer/producer. Apatow is very loyal person as we see him use the same actors from his previous projects and that goes a long way to get some of the better performances out of the reoccurring talent. Apatow also has a simple formula down to the tee with his films. Take the average sometimes dorky looking guy, pair him up with his group of friends and then toss in some great looking women that can act and it all comes together to comedy gold. The end result is always a happy one with the guy getting the girl. ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ is a rather enjoyable comedy and sits right up there with ‘40 Year Old Virgin’ and ‘Knocked Up’ in terms of good comedy.

Our story begins with Peter Bretter (Jason Segel) who is a musician that hasn’t had much success lately in his profession. He is just living the lazy life and what seems like he is going through the motions at the beginning of the film. When he gets a phone call that his TV star girlfriend Sarah Marshall (Kristen Bell) is coming home, he gets ultra excited cleaning up his dirty apartment before she gets there. When Sarah arrives, she has bad news for him and it has to do with their relationship. Sarah is breaking up with Peter after a five year relationship for another musician that has made it big. This devastates Peter and at this point puts him in a depression which has a side affect when he tries to pick up girls at the bar and even at work where he goes on a tirade during one of Sarah’s scenes and he destroys the screen.

Without Sarah no longer in his life, Peter thinks his life is going to be in shambles. Things change when he decides to go to Oahu, Hawaii to get away (so he thinks). Not only does he run into Sarah, but she also has her new boyfriend, British rock boy Aldous Snow (Russell Brand) with her in tow. Earlier in the film when Peter was cleaning his apartment and taking a shower waiting for Sarah to arrive, there was a bit of foreshadowing with an Aldous Snow video on TV. Peter is standing at the front desk of the resort, the clerk Rachel (Mila Kunis) was helping him find a room sees what is happening to Peter by his ex-girlfriend. Rachel feels bad for him and decides to give Peter the room for free, even though it is $6,000 a night which he couldn’t afford.

The direction that is taken with ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ is also very enjoyable too because as Peter starts falling for Rachel, things aren’t going as planned for Sarah’s relationship with Aldous. All lead and supporting characters gel very well, but Mila and Kirsten do a fantastic job really owning their roles. The passion that both ladies put into their roles really shows on the screen. At times I thought it was going to turn into a Mila vs. Rachel brawl in the story, but things kept on pace. Both Mila and Kirsten are beautiful women that would knock you too the moon and Mila has come a long way from ‘That 70’s Show’. Segel also pulled in a great performance and I think that this role here is going to help him get even more work in Hollywood and could be the next breakout comedy actor. Segel has a few full frontal nude scenes which was the talk of the film back when it released. I was shocked when they showed his goods on camera not once, but a few times.

I felt like the first 20 minutes of the film dragged just a little bit due to its slow start, but things started to pickup as the film progressed and we made it to Hawaii where all the craziness begins. Even with the slow start, from beginning to end you will enjoy this film and laugh a ton along the way. As I stated earlier about the characters pouring true emotions into their roles, you start to feel for Peter, Rachel, and Kirsten because they did such a great job.

The print is presented in 1080/p AVC with a 1.85:1 aspect ratio. The transfer is gorgeous once we get to the island of Oahu with the colors popping off the screen. This is a very vibrant and colorful transfer. There is some grain throughout the film and more apparent during indoor scenes. The DTS-MA HD 5.1 mix is great for a film that is dialogue heavy with crisp and clean sound through the center channel. There isn’t much going on with the soundfield in ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ so the rear speakers don’t get as much of a workout.

Special Features:
•Deleted and Extended Scenes
•Puppet Break-up
•Gag Reel
•”A Taste For Love”
•”Dracula’s Lament” Table Read
•Russell Brand: Aldous Snow
•The Letter “U”
•Video Diaries
•Red Bad Trailer
•Crime Scene
•Sarah’s New Show – Alts
•”We’ve Got to Do Something” Music Video
•Digital Copy of the film

I really enjoyed ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ as much as I have the rest of the Judd Apatow produced films. This one is a little bit slower moving at the beginning, but heats up as soon as we are on the Island of Oahu. The picture and audio quality is excellent and you will be satisfied with what Universal Studios has to offer in their latest comedy. I highly recommend this film as a purchase it is that good, which will warrant multiple viewings.

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