elephant_talesdvd‘Elephant Tales’ from Director Mario Andreacchino is a story about two orphaned elephants, Zef and Tutu, who embard on a journey that provides more excitement than anything they could have imagined.

It begins with bouncy music and a stunning, bird’s eye panorama. Two adorable, little pachyderms, Zef and Tutu, loose their families to poachers. They then embark on a search for the great Rainbow, hoping to find loved ones. Along the way they are helped by various other actor animals including Chump the Chimp, Stretch the Giraffe, and Cub. They face perils and adventures and climax with a ‘battle’ with The Badness and eventually, finally, discover their destiny.

The story is narrated by a pair of cheetahs, and there’s a running conversation from the animals heard as human voices in the background. I don’t want to bash this well-meaning, predictable movie too much, but after the first 20-30 minutes and the initial allure of the well photographed animals, the kids(ages 2 and 5) were moving on to other activities.

‘Elephant Tales’ is certainly captivating to kids as an animal driven movie. There are lots of great jungle animals featured in the film. The portrayal of the saga using voice overs for live animals was a bit tough to get into. As an adult viewer, I felt disconnected with the real animals acting out the story because it was not their voices telling it. However the younger crowd will enjoy this film.