They are perhaps the most influential duo in sports entertainment with crazy antics outside the ring backed up with dominant performances inside. Both Shawn Michaels and Triple H were highly successful on their own, but when they came together as D-Generation X, they were nearly unstoppable. Now fans can relive their final run as a team from late 2009 and 2010.

Studio: Vivendi Entertainment Year: 2011 Release Date: April 5, 2011 Run time: 540 minutes Rating: NR Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 mix Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1 Disc Spec: 2 BD Region: 1 The Blu-ray set opens up with the last run of DX back in 2006 using a more military look and feel presentation. I found this third and last run of DX to be the worst as there was way too many corny segments that amounted to nothing but some of the most off the wall comedy I have seen in WWE. Triple-H is on a mission to find Shawn Michaels at the beginning of the DVD as he finally finds him as a chef working in a cafeteria. I always thought that this was one of the more hilarious and cool segments as to how DX reformed for the third time. I felt like everything goes downhill from this point on as Triple-H has to really carry all the segments for the latest version of DX due to Michaels religion and beliefs. Things just got worse I think when Hornswaggle begins to join in on the DX segments. This was a decent Blu-ray release, but I felt like it was a recap of the events over the 09/10 from RAW and SMACKDOWN. The best part of the entire release though is Shawn Michael’s farewell speech. It was emotional and from a fans point of view, just purely awesome speech and a shame to see him on the way out. I did feel like there were a lot of matches and segments which I could have done without and reliving them again on home video made me cringe like my first viewing on broadcast television. If you have a choice between the DVD and Blu-ray, I would recommend getting the Blu-ray as there are a few extra matches and segments. Disc 1: We Need D-Generation X Hunting with DX Triple H Finds Shawn Raw 10th August, 2009 DX Returns to RAW Raw 17th August, 2009 DX Hijacks the SummerSlam Open SummerSlam 23rd August, 2009 DX vs. Legacy SummerSlam 23rd August, 2009 The Basics of Hunting with DX DX Throws a Party for Mr. McMahon Raw 24th August, 2009 DX Hangs with Dusty Raw 31st August, 2009 The Price is Raw Raw 7th September, 2009 DX vs. Randy Orton / Chris Masters Raw 7th September, 2009 Tag Team Hell in a Cell Match DX vs. Legacy Hell in a Cell 4th October, 2009 We Need D-Generation X Not Very Sporting DX vs. Chris Jericho / Big Show Raw October 5, 2009 Triple H Calls Shawn Raw 12th October, 2009 JackSwoggle Raw 2nd November, 2009 DX with Ozzy Raw 2nd November, 2009 PedigreeSwoggle Raw 16th November, 2009 The Growth of DX DX vs. The Hart Dynasty Raw 23rd November, 2009 ChristmasSwoggle Raw 7th December, 2009 TLC Match for the Unified Tag Team Championship DX vs. Chris Jericho / Big Show Tables, Ladders & Chairs 13th December, 2009 DX-Snuggle Raw 14th December, 2009 Unified Tag Team Championship Match DX vs. Chris Jericho / Big Show Raw 14th December, 2009 Special Feature DX Unfiltered Disc 2: We Need D-Generation X The Willies Little People’s Court Raw 21st December, 2009 The DX Mascot Raw 21st December, 2009 Tubby Tubberton Unified Tag Team Championship Match DX vs. The Hart Dynasty SmackDown 25th December, 2009 DX Duct Tape Hornswoggle Raw 28th December, 2009 DX vs. Big Show / Chavo Guerrero Raw 28th December, 2009 Y2Santino Raw 4th January, 2010 Unified Tag Team Championship DX vs. Chris Jericho / Big Show Raw 4th January, 2010 DX with Iron Mike Raw 11th January, 2010 DX vs. Mike Tyson / Chris Jericho Raw 11th January, 2010 My Favorite Boxer DX with Jon Heder & Don Johnson Raw 18th January, 2010 DX / Hornswoggle vs. Big Show / The Miz / “The Flame” Jon Heder Raw 18th January, 2010 Triple Threat Elimination Match for the Unified Tag Team Championship DX vs. Straight Edge Society vs. Big Show / The Miz Raw 8th February, 2010 Blubbering Like a Girl Shawn’s Farewell Raw 29th March, 2010 Two Final Words Blu-ray Exclusive Content Submissions Count Anywhere Match DX vs. Legacy Breaking Point 13th September, 2009 The Biggest 8-Man Tag Team Match in SmackDown History Undertaker / John Cena / DX vs. Randy Orton / CM Punk / Legacy SmackDown 2nd October, 2009 No Wonder Nobody Likes Us DX vs. Chris Jericho / Big Show vs. John Cena / Undertaker Raw 16th November, 2009 Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship John Cena vs. Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels Survivor Series 22nd November, 2009 I’m Batman Tribute to the Troops 11th December, 2010 Movie Quality: 8/10

Final Thoughts

I felt like this last version of DX was just not something that WWE needed and really watered down the group. Things got worse when we had people like Hornswaggle involved for comedy sake. If you are a fan of DX, you will not want to miss out. The Blu-ray version is excellent from a video and audio standpoint as it takes advantage of the segments and matches having been filmed in HD. For serious DX fans only. Overall Rating: 8/10