I started writing this blog entry two days ago, the day after Harry Korman passed away and I had hoped to have it finished before another celebrity or two would pass on to the next life. Unfortunately the Grim Reaper works a lot faster then I do and took two more celebrities with him. Fashion Designer Yves Saint Laurent, I don’t know much about fashion except if you don’t wear clothes you could get arrested but I did recognize the name when he passed away. The fourth victim I was more familiar with and that was Rock and Roll Legend Bo Diddley so that makes four celebrities in a weeks time, which holds with my initial thoughts that you can read below in its entirety.

With the recent deaths of Sidney Pollack and Harvey Korman, the first thing that popped into my head was who is next? I’ve always believed in the adage that “celebrities die in threes” probably due to my morbid side. Some people scoff at the notion that this can possibly be true by citing that sometimes more than three celebrities die within a certain time period, which is true but the adage is “celebrities die in threes” not “celebrities die in threes only” and sometimes the Grim Reaper dosen’t get the memo and kills a few more a long the way.

Two examples to back up the “threes theory” are the recent deaths of Hollywood stars Brad Renfro, Suzanne Pleshette and Heath Ledger within a week of each other and the second example is the deaths of music artist Warren Zevon, actor John Ritter and music legend Johnny Cash all with an a week of each other as well.

My criteria for the “threes theory” are that the three celebrities need to die within a seven to ten day period (the Grim Reaper can’t always be that efficient) and the other is that the Celebrity has to be somebody I have heard of or at least 85% of the population has. If those two criterias are met then thats all I need to say that yes “celebrities die in threes”

There are bunch of people that will bring charts and calculations and even apply for a Federal Grant just to debunk this theory. I usually dismiss these people as old fuddy duddies who can’t enjoy a phenomenon of celebrities dying in at least threes.

Of course this is all in fun (except for the dead people and their loved ones) and sometimes the theory is shot to pieces but for the most part they do die in “threes”. So,the next time two celebrities die within a few days of each other be on the lookout to see who is the third to get their ticket punched by the Grim Reaper. The most enjoyable part is trying to figure out who is next and it’s something you can share with friends and family, think of it as a mini Dead pool game that can be played throughout the year.

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