What a great college football weekend and kudos to the NCAA for having the first week of the season start on Labor Day weekend. As I vegged out on football from Thursday till Monday and ran the gamut of sports emotions. It all began with the slow paced South Carolina-NC State game and ended with the most thrilling game of the weekend and the season so far UCLA-Tennessee. You can find all the scores for this past weekend here and now on to my thoughts on the first weekend of the college season.

Wake Forrest did what was expected and beat an undermanned Baylor squad and right now Wake looks like the class of the ACC, which isn’t a good thing for the ACC as a whole.

I was expecting big things from the ol’ ball coach and South Carolina but what a disappointment this game was. I was at a loss at why Spurrier kept going with Tommy Beecher when he had a viable option in Chris Smelley and once Beecher was knocked out of the game, Smelley took over and was lights out as he guided the Gamecocks to a blowout with 21 quick points in the 4th Quarter.

I had no idea Spurrier had a son on the team all 5 foot 4 inches of him, I guess its good to be the coaches son and validates what I always say about the world “its not what you know, its who you know”

I caught a few minutes of the Temple-Army game when the Owls scored their third touchdown but Temple didn’t look to bad, Army on the other hand looked clueless on offense.

Oregon St-Stanford was a highly entertaining game and those on the east coast missed out on a good one. A couple of bounces the other way and Oregon St gets a great road win. It was a heartbreaker of a game for OSU as they lost the chance to tie the game when their reciever tried to make a play at the goaline and lost the ball and it rolled through the endzone for a touchback.

I will say this about Stanford they are up and coming a lot quicker than most people expect. Jim Harbaugh is doing a heck of a job and it wouldn’t surprise me to see the Cardinal in a bowl game this year.

I was looking forward to June Jones debut with SMU and after a solid 1st quarter, it was obvious that Jones has his work cut out for him. If he can get this program up to where he got Hawaii, Jones should go down as one of the best college coaches ever.

Rice is no slouch and I was surprised to learn during the telecast that QB Chase Clement and WR Jarett Dillard are 4 TD’s away from being the most prolific combo in NCAA history. That’s a pretty big accomplishment and if they were at a traditional football school there would be much more hoopla.

As I mentioned in my preview, many are expecting big things from East Carolina and this weekend they did not disappoint, of course it was against a suspect Virginia Tech but it was an impressive win nonetheless. ECU has another big test coming up against West Virginia and this should reveal what type of team ECU is going to be.

I’m not sure what Frank Beamer was thinking by holding out Tyrod Taylor so he can redshirt him. If Beamer would have gave in and let Taylor play, Va Tech would have won the game and now it looks like Beamer has had a change of heart and is going to platoon Taylor and Glennon, too little to late for this team to have a great season.

I did get a chuckle out of ECU beating Va Tech with their own medicine, special teams play.

LSU did exactly what I thought they would do and that is dominate Appy St. I figured the upset that Appy St pulled off last year was a fluke but after the Michigan-Utah game I think thats becoming the norm for Michigan football.

Utah beat Michigan at the Big House and normally that would be a huge upset but not this year with Michigan being in a major rebuild mode but fear not Michigan fans the Wolverines will come back with a vengeance a lot sooner than later, they are a young team and they played 12 freshmans in the game and these kids are going to grow up fast.

The game was kinda a bore towards the end as Utah froze up and tried everything to give the game away and Michigan tried everything to not take it and Michigan won this battle but it was a close call.

The game of the day for me was USC-Virginia, I missed part of the 1st quarter due to a family issue and USC was already up 21-0 when I got back and all I could think of was I didn’t realize how good this USC team is. I wasn’t sold on Mark Sanchez before this season from what I saw last season but he showed me more in one game than John David Booty showed in 2 seasons at the helm.

PITT losing was not that big of a surprise to me, anybody that follows the Bears or Dolphins knows what a crappy Head Coach Dave Wannstedt. He may be a competent recruiter but his X’s and O’s need a lot of work.

As much as Nick Sata….er Saban is disliked because he’s such a egomaniac, he sure can coach a football team and the pasting that his Alabama team put on the biggest disappointment of the ACC, Clemson. It just goes to show that a great coach with good talent will beat a good coach with great talent.

I was really annoyed by Clemson’s performance. I was hoping for big things from them this year but they decided to underacheive early instead of later in the year and put Tiger fans out of there misery. I’m sure with me writing this they’ll redeem themselves and go undefeated the rest of the year.

Illinois-Missouri was a barnburner like I expected. I wasn’t able to fully engulf myself in the game as I had company but Missouri is for real and Chase Daniels is a legitimate Heisman Canidate. Illinois will be a force to reckon with in the Big Ten and I think they can hang with THE Ohio State and maybe even beat them if they get can catch a break or two.

After three good days of football the Sunday match ups were a bit of a let down. Both games were rivalries between hated schools but it didn’t translate well on the playing field.

Louisville was decimated by key losses and it showed and Kentucky looked just as bad. Kentuckians should be counting the days before Midnight Madness because the football this year is not going to be pretty.

Colorado St-Colorado is another game that has an intense atmosphere but the playing field is always tilted towards the team from Boulder and it really takes away from the rivalry when one school dominates the other.

Monday was the capper to a great weekend of football with a growing favorite of mine Fresno State and its “we’ll play anybody, anytime, anywhere” mantra. If Pat Hill ever leaves Fresno St. it would not only devestate the University but all of Central California and that would be a shame.

Fresno State started off slow but picked it up in the 2nd half as their offensive talent took over the game. Rutgers could not take advantage of their chances in the 1st half and it was all downhill for them.

UCLA-Tennessee was the game of the weekend. I knew that UCLA would hang tough against the Volunteers but I fell short in making the gutsy call and picking UCLA. UCLA always seems to come up big at home against quality opponents as I witnessed a few years back when they beat Adrian Peterson and Oklahoma.

UCLA’s Kevin Craft started off with as bad a start as you could possibly have by throwing 4 interceptions with the 4th interception being returned for a touchdown and seemingly putting the nail in the coffin for the Bruins who were not showing any sign of an offensive life.

The 2nd half was better for Craft and the Bruins, I’m not sure what was said in the locker room but I’m sure offense guru Norm Chow had a lot to do with it. Chow will be the key to UCLA’s chances of threatening USC’s dominance in Los Angeles.

Tennessee has a lot of questions to answer before they hit conference play in the highly competitive SEC and I think it starts at the top with Fulmer why stop running the ball when its been so effective throughout the game? I’m sure Rocky Top Nation is up in arms over this loss and Fulmer is on thin ice.

What a great start to the college football season and I’m sure its only going to get better as the season progresses. Its great being a college football fan and no other sport brings out the drama and unexpectedness of sports like college football.

4th and inches

I was pleasantly surprised that voters looked at USC’s win over Virginia and voted them #1. Its a long season and rankings mean nothing at this point but its nice to see voters give credit for teams that don’t schedule creampuffs to pad their records.

The ACC seems to be the worst of the BCS Conferences with Wake Forrest being the only school left unscathed after this weekend.

It warmed my heart to hear Keith Jackson on the phone during the USC-Virginia telecast.

UCLA cracked the Top 25 in the AP Poll but I doubt they’ll be there for long.

I had to sit through ESPN’s coverage and I could stomach most of it but Dr. Lou? I wish ESPN would stick to the games and not all the other useless drivel.

The BCS party crasher is not going to be Utah, Fresno State or East Carolina. They’ve all scheduled some tough teams and thats what they need to do to get into the BCS mix. I guess its a darn if you do darn if you don’t scenario.

Utah’s kicker Louie Sakoda is going to be kicking in the NFL next year, he is that good.