A couple months ago, I approached George and Ted, founders of BMO, with a graphic novel idea I thought would be a great addition to the site. Over the past few months, I have worked at building a solid story that could take five years to complete with 50 issues of approximately 30 pages each. It is a huge undertaking, and also requires both the commitment and talent of a great artist.

In the meantime, I have tried to think of ways to contribute as a writer to BMO. I had started with the usual article about sports, but soon grew tired of writing what I saw. Along the way, I thought of a stick-figure-like comic strip that would feature a main character and his several failures at sports. By the next day, I felt I didn’t have enough material to really go forward.

Then today happened. As I went to work this morning, I started thinking about sports coverage, and how aggravated I had become with sports networks concentrating mostly on entertainment rather than the game. I immediately thought that it might be funny to follow two sports news anchors covering real news stories, while also integrating their lives and other world news into their segments. In a matter of a few hours “Sports Arena” was born.

The comic strip will follow the no-nonsense determined sports anchor, Josh, and his less enthused trivial analyst, Scott.

The comic will update every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Sunday will feature more panels and will also usually begin a chapter in the series. Tuesday and Thursday will have three panel updates.

Unlike any other work of mine, I am not outlining, nor am I planning ahead of time for this series. All strips will feature current sports and world news, and will then allow the two anchors to indulge as they please.

Below is the premiere promo strip I produced. Expect the first strip to appear Sunday here on BMO. Soon enough I will create a facebook group for this strip with archived strips. But, no matter what, all strips will feature first on BMO. Always.

And now the premiere promo for Sports Arena. I hope you guys enjoy the series.