After viewing the original trailer way back in spring 2007, JJ Abrams “untitled” movie was the talk of the town and all over the internet. For months, they would show snippets of the trailer, but no name was ever given to the movie. Then June 2007 came along and all of a sudden we start seeing “1-18-08” after the trailer. Yet again, the same marketing followed for a good month or so where we only saw the name as being “1-18-08”, then came the day where we finally did get a name: ‘Cloverfield’.

Finally, the movie that has been a mystery has arrived to mixed reviews. It is not the story that I have read complaints about, but more to the camera work giving the viewer a dizzy sick feeling at different points during the movie. People need to understand going into this movie, that they are watching the movie through a handheld like camera as if it’s through the perception of the actors on screen. Once the audience can get over that fact, there is a rather enjoyable film under all this. Just like ‘Blair Witch Project’, this is one of those movies that audiences will either love or hate, there seems to be no middle ground. Only problem with ‘Blair Witch Project’ at the time, it was hyped up on the events actually occurring at the site of the Blair Witch.

‘Cloverfield’ is not just another movie with a Godzilla like monster attacking New York City and destroying everything in its path, but there is a story that has been well put together about the characters on screen. The movie begins with a going away party for our main character Rob who is leaving for Japan, his brother Jason, Jason’s girlfriend Lilly, and their best friend Hud who is the one that is filming everything that is going on. During the entire ordeal, we get a lot of lines from Hud as he is filming which to some could be annoying and others may enjoy the extra commentary. As the monster ravages through NYC, Rob and his friends have decisions to make that will impact all their lives.

This is all I will discuss about the story, and there were no spoilers because this is one of those movies that you need to experience for yourself. I felt like Hud’s comments throughout the movie came at the right time. This added to the overall experience with him being our cameraman. I agree with many that call this film an experience, because that is what this is, an experience that feels so surreal. I really felt like I was watching a disaster through the eyes of a person right in the thick of things.

I will say that I have viewed this film a good 4 times already and with each viewing, this is one film that has some quick pacing from beginning to end. Not once are you ever sitting there hoping for the film to end, but the time passes rather quickly.

On the Blu-ray front, this disk is absolutely gorgeous when compared to the DVD version. Paramount engineers went back and did a good job with the print on this disc, but there is also apparent grain throughout the film which I am glad that they kept intact. With the Blu-ray version I also found it that we were able to also clearly see the creature better due to the cleaned up disc and there is a scene where on DVD it doesn’t look apparent but you see a satellite dish come crashing into the ocean from the sky in the background. It appears that this might be our explanation as to how the creature may have found its way out of the ocean by being awaken. The sound is also a nice upgrade to Dolby TrueHD which packs a punch. The dialogue is very clean and consistent sounding as this is one of the aspects that I always look for to see how consistent the dialogue is to the rest of the sound on these Blu-ray transfers. The sound of explosions and chaos on the streets were coming out of my speakers at all times. This was very exciting that we get an upgraded release in sound and picture quality.

I would love for JJ Abrams to go back and remake this movie from a multiple camera perspective using the same actors/actresses. Can you imagine how awesome that would be for them to pull this off, but also add some of the single camera aspects too? I highly enjoyed ‘Cloverfield’ and couldn’t recommend it enough to movie fans, but remember to go in with your mindset that this is a single camera movie, ala Blair Witch. As I mentioned earlier, people will either love this movie or hate it, my dad and brother disliked ‘Cloverfield’ while I enjoyed it. This Blu-ray release is a nice addition to your library and with a price tag of $19.99 still on Amazon; I would recommend picking up the Blu-ray version.

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