Candlebox reformed in 2006, but not much longer afterwards with all 4 original members they returned to Seattle to put on one hell of a performance at the Showbox Theater.  It’s a great homecoming for Candlebox who are from Seattle.  ‘Alive in Seattle’ is a live CD/DVD double set.  Candlebox was very popular band in the 90’s, but they broke up and took time off to venture in other musical directions. Candlebox is one of the most underrated bands and doesn’t get the respect they deserve.

This concert in Seattle covers some of their best songs based off of their 3 studio albums, “Candlebox”, “Lucy”, and “Happy Pills”.

What makes this DVD a real joy is that it was shot with a multi-camera shoot. Sitting at home, you get access to multiple views vs. one camera view panned off of the stage. The audio and picture quality on the DVD is fantastic. The sound quality of the CD itself is very good too. Very crip sound and really does a great job giving you that concert feel right at the seat of your couch.

The DVD also comes with a bonus interview from the band and acoustic performances of ‘Cover Me’ and ‘Far Behind’. This is the only DVD every available from the band Candlebox. There are a total of 13 songs performed at the concert as listed below.

1.    Arrow
2.    Simple Lessons
3.    Change
4.    Blossom
5.    Don’t You
6.    No Sense
7.    Understanding
8.    You
9.    Stone’s Throw Away, A
10.    Sometimes
11.    10,000 Horses
12.    Best Friend
13.    Happy Pills
14.    Far Behind
15.    Cover Me

If you are a fan of Candlebox, you will not want to miss this great CD/DVD combo. It is one of the better live concerts that I have watched at home. I am an avid concert DVD collector of my favorite bands and this is one concert that I really enjoyed.