I missed the first hour of the PPV, so I will just comment on the first four matches based off of results until I have fully watched the entire card.

In short, it sounds like MCMG vs. Gen Me was the match of the night. This is a nice little feud that tag wrestling has been missing for a long time. The 4-Way Knockout’s match didn’t sound too good and why would Tara get that strap again, considering she will lose it to Mickie. Why can’t we go with Love vs. James, even though they both are faces? It is something different and a new match-up. Lethal vs. Douglas was said to be semi-decent, just not what both guys could have delivered and a match thrown on this card with no real backstory. Why not Red vs. Lethal to continue their house show feud? Then WTF! is up with The Shore crap with the attack on Lethal afterwards? OJ and Young vs. Ink Inc. just sounded like a borefest and TNA getting extra bodies on a show that there is no use for them.

The Monster’s Ball match with Abyss vs. RVD turned out to be good and much better than what I expected. One thing I have to give props to this promotion is that they know how to do hardcore matches and what some of these guys will put their bodies through to make it look and feel realistic. I am glad that the right guy won here and was a little disappointed that “THEY” went missing at this point, but things would make sense later on.

Jarrett and Joe vs. Pope, Sting, and Nash was up next in one of the more confusing storylines in years. Yet, again, by the end of the night things would make sense when you looked at the whole picture. I was 50/50 on a JJ turn going in and we did see it here. Nash looked good for his last match (unless he is on IMPACT for the next 2 weeks of tapings for his last match). He got the win over Joe, and it looked like Sting and Nash were trying to knock some sense into Joe to see the light.

EV2 vs. Fortune was a horrible Lethal Lockdown match. I had totally forgotten about this match. Nothing cool or memorable occured in this match, besides Kendrick hiding in a box at the top of the cage. Stevie was the highlight of EV2, while the rest of the group just looked plain horrible. I hope this feud and the EV2 group are done with.

Team 3D confused me with their promo as first their going into retirement, then they challenge MCMG’s to a match. I thought on IMPACT they said that they were going to announce something that was going to revolutionize tag team wrestling in TNA? I guess them retiring is a revolution.

Angle vs. Anderson vs. Hardy was an decent three way match which we do not get anymore in wrestling. I hate multi man matches, especially when the WWE has shoved those down our throats over the summer. Angle didn’t look quite good towards the end and not too sure if he got injured or something went wrong with his system. That is concerning, the guy needs more than 1 month off.

BFG 2010 was not a bad show by any means. TNA just seems to be stuck in the mud continuously spinning its wheels over and over again with no way of getting out. Last night at Bound For Glory they proved that. Instead of moving forward and propelling the promotion in a new direction, we get yet another Hogan/Bischoff NWO-like reunion. As much as I dislike the ending, I have to give TNA props for building up to this over a good 6-7 months which we never thought they would do.

I would have gone a different direction with the main event on a personal note. During the Lethal Lockdown match I would have had Flair kick out both Kaz and Styles for losing the match. Then leave the two in the cage as EV2 continues to beat them down. Then fast forward to the main event…….we are towards the end of the match, have Flair come out and help Anderson win the title. I’m not a fan of Anderson, this could have been for some intriguing television. TNA already has enough stables and now “THEY” is thrown into the mix. This also helps Fortune as they have way too many members also giving Kaz and Styles something to do also feuding with their former group.

I am sick of Bischoff and Hogan, now we have the new Main Event Mafia 2010.