In the pest management industry for over 15 years, Billy runs Vexcon the only pest removal team in the state that handles all types of animal removal with support from his wacky but lovable family: kid brother, Ricky; tough-as-nails father, Bill Sr.; sassy office manager and mom Donnie; and beloved wife, Mary. Whether it s a giant 8-foot alligator walking down an affluent street, baby raccoons inside the wall of an office, 70,000 bats who call a stadium home, or a wild pet-eating bobcat, Billy and his family get the job done with enough skill, energy and wit to keep even the most squeamish viewers wanting more. A former U.S. Air Force Sergeant, Billy has taken a militaristic approach to pest control and is emerging a winner.

Year: 2009
Release Date: December 21, 2010
Run time: 286 minutes
Rating: PG

Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 mix
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
Disc Spec: 2 DVD
Region: 1

“Billy the Exterminator” has no appetite for cruelty or exploitation, be it of the people who appear on the show or the creatures that slither and scurry through it. The program is actually entirely wholesome and kid friendly. It doesn’t have a single mean bone in it. The pests are essentially misunderstood and rescued, usually getting relocated to more appropriate habitats, and the people who call Billy in, cured of their problem rather than revealed as negligent slobs.

Instead of tunneling in on the decrepit homes and lives of individual people in the city, “Billy the Exterminator” takes a commercial approach and tends to go to various businesses about town. This is advertising, plain and simple, as the businesses are always cast in a positive and responsible light, and Billy, of course, comes off as a professional, good-natured guy, and the pests? Well, they get to go to a zoo or some other nifty spot. It’s sunshine everywhere!

Of course, left out of this equation is the viewer, who’s given little more than an affable infomercial. For an exterminator, Billy really stays on the surface of things. The show would be an awful lot more interesting, and adult, if it burrowed down into the rot of our cities and showed us the particular lives and circumstances of the people who have little choice but to exist amongst rats and cockroaches, instead of giving us the “Sesame Street” rendition of this very dirty and honest job.

DISC 1 (7 episodes): Goth Bees & Killer Coons / Snake in the Closet / There’s A Gator in My Boat / Kitty Corpse Cleanup / Gator Park Swarm / Possums in the Wall / Llama-Eating Gators

DISC 2 (6 episodes): Psycho Raccoon/Killer Spiders / Raccoon Haunting / Tattoo Rattlesnake / Bobcat Invasion / Extreme Roaches/Busy Beaver / Skunks and Mice and Snakes Oh My

Movie Content: 9/10

Special Features

  • Featurettes: About Billy
  • Billy s Words of Wisdom
  • Billy the Storyteller
  • Meet the Family
  • Donnie

Special Features: 6/10

Final Thoughts

The Exterminators A&E, Wednesday nights at 10:30, Eastern and Pacific times; 9:30, Central time. Produced for A&E Network by September Films, a division of DCD Media. For September Films: Jeff Collins and Sheldon Lazarus, executive producers. For A&E: Robert Sharenow and Elaine Frontain Bryant, executive producers.
Overall Rating: 8/10