It’s amazing how many people here in America and around the world view Animal Abuse.

Humans are the Dominate species. We have a thinking capacity and morale capacity that no other species has. It should be OUR DUTY as the superior specie to watch out for the other Animals and Mother Nature.

The thinking is, “They’re just a dumb animal.”

Here’s a good question then… If we’re so damn smart as a species then why don’t we act like it??? Everything from Wars, too senseless killing, too depleting our natural resources, to the need for “more more more.” Animals try and live their life to survive. It’s not about excess (like the American culture is).

If we’re going to kill animals on farms for consumption than we should do what we can to make sure these animals are treated fairly and with kindness before they are sent off to die.

As for domestic pets. What the hell is wrong with people beating and killing them just because they get mad??? It’s not like these animals can rightfully fight back like some humans can.

For every human that abuses another animal or person should get back exactly what they put in.

It would be nice to say, “I hope we can change this,” but that won’t happen with the majority of people we have on this planet.

So for Mankind, us Humans, we deserve something devastating to happen to us for what we’ve done to the earth, other humans, and the rest of the species on this planet.