There are way too many biased and unbiased opinions on the internet, and even worse we have so many sites that preach that their opinion is the golden word. Here at Beyond Media Online, we plan to give the most unbiased opinion on all things media.

We entered the online blogging community with a site titled also known as GTSM in January 2008. The original focus was to cover more sports related topics, but weeks into this venture, we started looking at all forms of media and not just sports thus going away from our original vision.

6 months later, we bring you as the goal is to continue covering all things media.

We hope you enjoy the vision and feel free to provide us with comments on any given topic or your thoughts on how we can improve the site.

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We believe in a strong community thus we have a great staff and a great cast of characters who have helped too create it.  We hope to see you there.

-George Theofanopoulos & Ted Rorabaugh