This past Monday night on RAW, Vince McMahon announced the 2008 WWE draft is coming in a matter of 4 weeks. I think that the rosters really need to be shaken up and it will help bring some interest back to WWE. Guys like H, Michaels, Taker, and Mysterio really need to be sent to other brands so the landscape can be mixed up a bit. I will never forget the draft where Batista and John Cena, at the time being World Champions of their respective brands were sent to opposing brands. These were a nice set of surprises that came out of nowhere. Add to that with Bobby Lashley last year being drafted to RAW as the ECW World Champion.

Between 3 brands and over 60+ wrestlers on the roster both male and female, it allows for WWE to do some amazing things if they think this through. Some draft years have been so lackluster that it just saddens the viewers knowing that WWE could have done so much more and they simply didn’t.

WWE management also has to quit this crap of sending talent back and forth with inter-brand feuds, unless it is done around WrestleMania. It gets confusing with which brand people are working on. This has been an issue also since the supposed working agreement with ECW-Smackdown talent. Currently we have the ECW World Champion Kane whom is a Smackdown superstar wrestling on ECW. CM Punk is wrestling on all 3 brands and it is doing nothing but confusing the hell out of me and everyone else. It just makes things even more confusing for the fans as we tend to forget who is from what brand and even worse who is the champions anymore.

WWE has missed the boat on the ECW brand. If this is a brand that is not obviously going to follow roots of the old ECW, it should be used as a stomping ground for their younger talent. What better way to get TV time for the younger talent to build their wrestling and mic skills.

I really hope that Vince McMahon gets a new GM in place on RAW in time for this draft. This will be an issue come draft time and even more it just gets plain ridiculous that there is no GM for long lengths of time on RAW as we have seen in the past. Hell, why not give the job to Teddy Long.

I would make the following changes if I were in charge of the draft. Not only does it help balance out the brands, but it breaks up the staleness of seeing some of the same guys for years on one brand.

While we are at it, why not combine both tag team championships at “Night of the Champions” on June 24. At this point it makes sense to have 2 tag team divisions on RAW and SD! with traveling champions. Neither of the tag titles are defended on PPV’s anymore and it is becoming a waste. It has been working well with the Women’s division thus far; why not try it with the tag titles. I would leave the United States and Intercontinental Championships alone and dedicated to the brand that they are a part of.

CM Punk to Smackdown! (This allows for Punk to chase after the World Championship and gives him some fresh competition to battle on the SD side of things)

Triple-H to Smackdown! (Hunter has really gotten stale on RAW and it is time to move to SD!. Yes he is the son in law of the boss, but for business sake moving him to SD! for even 6 months can help out the show with a new fresh veteran face)

Shawn Michaels to Smackdown! (see Hunter above. Shawn Michaels has done all he can do on RAW)

The Undertaker to RAW (see Hunter & Michaels above. Undertaker has done all he can do on SD! and this would be perfect opportunity to let Taker get involved in some new programs)

Natalya Neidhart to RAW (While I like her current alliance with Victoria on SD!, Natalya belongs on RAW chasing after the women’s championship)

The Big Show to ECW (Big Show should return to ECW and continue where he left off from when he first retired or left the WWE The gimmick of the sleepless giant defending his championship was so great for him during his last ECW run that it could work again)

Rey Mysterio to ECW (see Hunter, Taker, & Michaels above. Mysterio has done all he can do on SD! and this can allow him to go back to where it all started for him in the United States)

Trevor Murdoch to ECW (Allow Murdoch and Cade to feud a little and then send the two off to different brands if the plan is to give them singles pushes)

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