meetdavebluEarlier in his career, Eddie Murphy had a tremendous amount of success with blockbuster hit after blockbuster hit. Then in the 90’s he would hit a slump only to quickly recover with a string of hits. Once the well dried up on those hits, Eddie Murphy would be back to making a string of not so great films. His latest release ‘Meet Dave’ is neither good nor bad; it has funny moments even though the concept of the film isn’t up to par. At the box office ‘Meet Dave’ would gross a worldwide total of $50 million dollars. With a budget of $60 million dollars, the film wasn’t a huge success at the theater.

Eddie Murphy’s career is really going down the tubes rather quickly these days. It will take another lightning in the bottle hit like ‘The Nutty Professor’ or ‘Dr. Doolittle’ to get his career back on track. His earlier career comedies were more of risky adult humored comedies that allowed him to be at his best. Once he crossed the line to go over into family comedy, his films have been either hit or miss.

The story of ‘Meet Dave’ infuses sci-fi and comedy together to give us one of the most off the wall storylines in film history. Dave (Eddie Murphy) is the captain of a crew that reminds me of Star Trek the cockpit setup and crew. The crew of the ship is a bunch of pint sized human/aliens. The crew consists of No. 3 – Cultural Officer (Gabrielle Union), No. 2 – 2nd In Command (Ed Helms), No. 17 (Kevin Hart), and No. 4 – Security Officer (Pat Kilbane) to name some of the important crew members. Their space ship is a human sized modeled after their captain Dave. The space ship also has a name, Dave after their captain.

As Dave lands to earth which is a great disguise so the crew thinks, they are on a mission to find a rock that has a special orb in it. This orb is important that they retrieve it so all of humanity can be saved, but even more is to save their own planet. As Dave is walking the street, he crosses the street to only be hit by Gina Morrison (Elizabeth Banks) and her son John (Austin Lynd Myers). She knocks Dave several feet away from the vehicle, for him to only get up and disappear.

Dave begins to really enjoy the planet Earth and humans. Due to the captain getting sidetracked, it begins to cause uproar in the spaceship with the crew. Not only at this point does Dave have an issue with trying to find the orb, he also has 2 officers on his tale and some of the crew members decide to take matters in their own hands and toss the captain out of his position.

‘Meet Dave’ is just a strange concept altogether as has been the last few Eddie Murphy comedies. While the story of the film is rather weak, I did manage to get a few laughs. Like ‘Norbit’ before this film, there are laughs in each script accept the main material is on the weaker side. I just wish that Eddie Murphy would quit accepting these kinds of roles already. He proved in ‘Dreamgirls’ that he was back to form and for a moment I thought that the old Eddie Murphy was making a comeback.
Movie Content: 2.5/5


Print/Audio Quality
The print is presented in 1080p/AVC MPEG-4 encode with a 1.85:1 aspect ratio. The image quality is pretty good with colors being rather strong throughout. Blacks are rather solid and deep. Fleshtones look very natural with the proper lighting used with inside and outdoor scenes. I found the details to be good, but not overly great. With some of the CGI used in this film, the image wasn’t eye popping, but a suitable presentation. The print is pristine from any print damage.
Video Quality: 4/5

Audio is presented in a DTS-HD MA lossless 5.1 mix. The surrounds are used much more than I expected with all the special effects giving the audio a nice atmosphere like presentation. Sound effects like the laser blasts from Dave’s fingers go whizzing by the rears. Dialogue is rather clean through the center channel. This is a well balanced mix with dialogue and special effects. I didn’t have to adjust the volume at all during the film.
Audio Quality: 4/5


Special Features

  • Crew profiles [HD]
  • Gag reel [HD]
  • Deleted scenes [HD] – there are four deleted scenes.
  • Alternate ending [HD]
  • The Making of Meet Dave – Featurette [HD]
  • Fox Movie Channel presents Life After Film School with Director Brian Robbins
  • Fox Movie Channel presents Making A Scene
  • Fox Movie Channel presents World Premiere

The extras are both presented in both standard and high definition. I found the Making of Featurette to be the most interesting out of all the extras.
Special Features: 3/5

The Final Word
While ‘Meet Dave’ is completely unoriginal, there were many comedic moments that had me laughing. Eddie Murphy needs to get his career back on track and making films like ‘Meet Dave’ is not the key to success. Video and audio presentation is stellar with this release. Eddie maybe you can make a comeback with your next film.
Overall Rating: 3/5 (Rent)