Welcome to the very first edition of “A Flair for the Gold” weekly wrestling column. I have been a wrestling fan for 25 years and have followed the sport through the good and bad times. The goal of this column is to briefly cover the events going on in pro wrestling for the week. We will discuss a main topic to start off the article in the “10lbs of Gold” section and then in the “The Horseman’s Corner” I will cover random thoughts from the past week in the wrestling world.

10lbs of Gold
I don’t think that we have seen the last of Ric Flair in the ring and he should not have retired if he thought that his career was going to continue. I am a bit leery that he might get back into the ring. Rumors circulating are that he quit due to not being able to take independent bookings. A good example of that was the NWA Hall of Fame a few months ago, which Flair was inducted to, but couldn’t attend. If this is the reason why Flair is quitting WWE, then it makes sense. If he quit too pursue a career in another organization in the world, this could tell a different story. At 59 years old, Flair is better than many of the guys out there right now……but is it worth risking his health?

We need to remember that Flair already has somewhat diminished his legacy over the last few years in the WWE. I found it even worse with the storyline leading up to ‘Mania’ where he would have to retire if he lost a match. Flair and Michaels had one hell of a match at ‘Mania’, but everything leading up to that was just blah. Though he did receive a nice send off celebration and Hall of Fame honors, I think having a proper in-ring send off is where it hurt Flair the most. Flair could be grasping at straws to get the in-ring send off that he wanted, not the one that Vince McMahon and WWE had in mind for him. I will give props to Triple-H for pushing hard for Flair to get the center stage at ‘Mania’ and the RAW celebration. From everything that I read, Triple-H did a lot of convincing to get his father-in-law to have a grand celebration for the man that he grew up idolizing.

I think that Ric Flair shows up on TNA’s doorstep for one last ride to go out the way that he wanted to retire from an in-ring standpoint. It might also mean that Jarrett allows Flair to book this final hurrah to go out in his own way.

If done right and given a Sting like schedule, I think Flair may have another 2 good years left in the tank. At this point, TNA has made so many mistakes that taking a chance like this with Flair could benefit them more than hurt. Give him a stable of young guns that Flair could help nurture and also help hide any of his shortcomings. Let him run with the TNA strap for a little bit, it was a shame that WWE has 3 World Championships and they couldn’t let Flair have one last chance. Imaging the possibilities, Flair vs. Sting in his last match, Flair vs. Samoa Joe, Flair vs. Kurt Angle to name a few top matches that TNA could have. This could be the jumpstart that TNA needs and a popular wrestler riding off his successful retirement could ignite TNA.

Maybe I am being a bit selfish with all this, but which one of us has the right to tell him when to retire. Look at guys like Roger Clemens that has retired and come back, Randy Johnson who will pitch till he is a corpse, and Brett Favre rumors circulating that he is coming back. We will see in the coming weeks and months where this story leads.

The Horseman’s Corner
-The Brian Kendrick is an excellent gimmick which looks like a cross of a younger Shawn Michaels and Brian Pillman during his prime. With the addition of Ezekiel, Kendrick has been repackaged very well.

-What has CM Punk done to deserve such a mess of a title reign? If Punk loses to JBL at SummerSlam (putting my love for Punk aside) I will be disappointed. This title reign will go down as a wasted opportunity to build another main eventer.

-It appears Mr. Kennedy is hurt yet again. I think this poor guy has had some of the worst luck in the wrestling business. Upon return, turn him heel and bring back his old music please.

-Anyone notice Mark Henry’s ECW Championship strap extension the last 2 weeks? King Kong is making a good champion in ECW and I hope he stays champ for a bit longer. Now they just need to drop EXTREME…..go Entertainment Championship Wrestling.

-I hope that Booker T wins the TNA Championship this weekend. My boy Samoa Joe has had a very bad and disappointing title run from a booking standpoint.

-Shark Boy, Super Eric, and Curry Man gimmicks need to go crawl back into the hole they came from and please give us back Eric Young and Christopher Daniels.

-Beer Money Inc. Beer Money Inc. Beer Money Inc. Beer Money Inc. 

-Is Team 3D going to return to TNA after their contact expires next month? I think they have done all there is in TNA and I see them either banging down WWE U’s door for a return or Japan is their other option if they don’t stay.

That is it folks for this weeks first edition of “A Flair for the Gold”. I hope that you enjoyed my take on the Ric Flair situation; this is something to keep an eye out for the next several weeks.

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