wutangdvd‘Wu: The Story of the Wu-Tang Clan’ DVD tells the story or the rise, fall, and rebirth of the Wu-Tang Clan. The group had a whole lot of issues that would slowly build over the years. The documentary begins with the story of the guys growing up in Staten Island, NY. An inspiration to their namesake has to do with influences from old kung-fu movies that the boys would watch growing up.

Wu-Tang Clan has had a huge influence on music over the years with their style. They have been involved in many areas of the entertainment world, such as record producers, acting, videogames, clothing lines, and also providing music for films soundtracks. It was a major feat that each member of the group was able to succeed in many various business ventures.

We learn that with success, there are also struggles that the group would encounter. It was always internal fighting that caused the group to self destruct. It was very ego driven with the feuding. Things came to a head when Russell Jones known as Ol’ Dirty Bastard would meet his death.The documentary documents the history of the group very well. We also get interviews from friends and family of the group. I found the film to be very informative for not being a huge fan of the group. I do like some songs that they released over the years and believe that they are a talented bunch.

Special Features

  • Extended Interviews: “Raekwon the Chef” reveals the Wu-Tang recipe
  • RZA “cuts” through the Hip-Hop World
  • Behind The Wu with Director Gee-Bee
  • Icelene’s Loss: Her Relationship with ODB
  • Original Music Video: “Wu-Tang is Born: Protect Ya Neck”

If you are a fan of the Wu-Tang Clan this documentary is an excellent piece to add to your collection. There is also a nice set of special features giving more in-depth information on the Clan.