walleblurayPixar has been rather successful over the years with their animated releases. Their delivery on animation has always been a visual spectacle with story driving the feature film. ‘WALL•E’ is one of those animated films that is a complete package from Pixar. It is amazing that things work so well even without spoken dialogue. I was a bit worried at first that with a lack of dialogue, how this film is going to hold the viewers attention. Like another Disney classic ‘Fantasia’, all the pieces come together in a way that leaves you amazed by films end. ‘WALL•E’ was a box office hit with a worldwide gross of $481 million dollars.

‘WALL•E’ is set 700 years in the future with a city that looks like has been constructed with nothing but garbage compacted into cubes. Is this a colony of beings that are putting these buildings together? No, it is one, a solar powered robot by the name of WALL•E. WALL•E has a reminiscent look of an 80’s favorite of ours, Johnny #5 from the ‘Short Circuit’ franchise. WALL•E is like a mini-me version of Johnny #5 that surprises me that no lawsuits were filed from MGM or Sony. WALL•E picks up garbage that he places in his belly that then is transformed into a cube or square. He takes these cubes and uses them as his basis for creating these huge buildings and even skyscrapers.

WALL•E is all alone but it doesn’t seem to bother him one bit. He follows the same daily routine, recycle garbage into scrap to construct buildings and skyscrapers, go home to set power down into sleep mode for recharging until the morning. WALL•E continues this similar routine on a daily basis.

The questions comes up as to why isn’t there any life on this planet besides WALL•E. The humans left to live in outer space as they have found a new way of life. During the second half of the film we get an explanation about the human race. As WALL•E is back to working on collecting garbage, a spaceship ends up arriving. This spaceship drops off another robot that WALL•E would name EVE. While she is on a mission, WALL•E take a particular liking to her. They both become friends, and then he introduces EVE to a plant that he found which causes EVE to shutdown.

WALL•E starts getting upset and depressed that his friend has shutdown. The spaceship that originally came to drop off EVE returns to pick her up. WALL•E sees the ship return so he races home to save EVE from being taken away, yet he gets on the spaceship which is heading to the space station Axiom.
For the first time in the film, we finally get dialogue as WALL•E meets a human race that is also very different from what he has known. These humans have their own hovercrafts that they use to travel with. Mankind has evolved quite a bit over the centuries since they left life living on Earth. At this point things get rather interesting for our friendly little rust bucket WALL•E.

wall-e_7Print/Audio Quality

The print is presented in 1080p/AVC MPEG-4 with a 2.35:1 aspect ratio. From the opening scene ‘WALL•E’ is a rather colorful film that also has a bright presentation. Pixar knows how to do animation and this is where they succeed in rather well. With such a great color palette also brings excellent details that are rather impressive. Pixar outdoes itself here again as there were many scenes of the film in the opening act that actually looked lifelike. There are a lot of scenes at the beginning of the film that have a full 3D pop. I felt like I was watching a live action film at times. The image I posted above, or the one with the DVD review give a great example of the life like image.

Audio is presented in DTS-HD MA lossless 5.1 mix. The first part of the movie is rather silent with sounds from the center channel being rather minimal due to the lack of dialogue. The soundtrack is great and that is what holds us up the first half of the film in terms of sound and then the sound effects. Sound is well balanced across the soundfield with much more front heavy experience. Dialogue in the second half of the film comes through the center clear and crisp. Having watched both DVD and Blu-ray versions, the DTS-HD MA track packs a louder punch with any scenes that use the rears. Another area that excels with the lossless audio is the bass.

Special Features

All the special features are presented in high definition. The menus are rather different on the DVD and Blu-ray. The Blu-ray menus are rather neat as they fill up a meter when you select each feature. Disney offers up features on 2 discs and a 3rd disc solely to the Digital Copy of WALL•E.

Disc 1

  • Cine-Explore – Audio Commentary – With Director Andrew Stanton
  • Geek Track
  • “Burn•E” – Hilarious All-New Animated Short Bringing Light To The Galaxy….Eventual•E’
  • “PRESTO” Amazing Animated Theatrical Short Film
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Sneak Peek: WALL•E’s Tour Of The Universe – WALL•E Takes You On A Real Ride Through Space
  • Animation Sound Design: Building Worlds From The Sound Up – Legendary Sound Designer Ben Burtt Shares Secrets Of Creating The Sounds of WALL•E

Disc 2

  • WALL•E’s Treasure and Trinkets – Hilarious Moments
  • “Lots Of Bots” Storybook – This Imaginative Storybook Comes To Life Loaded With Fun Games
  • “Axiom Arcade”
  • Bot Files
  • Additional Deleted Scenes w/Commentary (“Secret Files” and “Docking”)
  • BnL Snorts – An Amusing Peek Into The Inner Workings Of The Buy n Large Corporation (The History of Buy N Large, Operation Cleanup, All Aboard The Axiom, Captaining The Axiom, and Meet The BnL Bots)
  • The Imperfect Lens: Creating Te Look of WALL•E
  • Captain’s Log: The Evolution of Humans
  • Life of a Shot: Deconstructing The Pixar Process
  • Robo Everything
  • Notes On A Score
  • WALL•E and Eve
  • 3D Fly Through

Disc 3

  • Digital Copy

‘WALL•E’ is an astonishing animated film that is a must own on Blu-ray for the entire family. It is a rather cute film that is serious at times but also provides some really good laughs along the way. It proves time and time again with Pixar that they do not need to make things complicated for everyone to enjoy. Disney is also providing Eco-Friendly packaging for the 3-disc DVD set which fits in well with the story of ‘WALL•E’.