supertroopersbluThere are comedies that come along making you think to yourself that there is no chance in the world this is going to good. Going into ‘Super Troopers’, I was thinking the same thing. The branding of the film falls under the ‘Broken Lizard’ umbrella which is similar to ‘National Lampoon’s’ branding of comedies. This is a comedy that does not go for gross humor, but it goes with more gags and jokes that work really well. The film would be very successful at the theaters with a total worldwide gross of $23 million dollars with a $3 million dollar budget. It shows what a smashing success ‘Super Troopers’ became at the box office and even garnering cult status on the DVD scene.

In the state of Vermont, there are a group of five highway patrol officers and their captain keeping the highways safe from criminals and those looking to break the law. Thorny (Chandrasekhar), Rabbit (Stolhanski), Mac (Lemme), Farva (Heffernan), and Foster (Soter) are the highway team with Captain O’Hagen (Brian Cox) that will make you laugh throughout the entire film. The fun begins when they start to harass a group of kids that are speeding down the highway. These kids before getting busted have a bag of mushrooms and pot that they try to get rid of before they are pulled over. They get messed with by the police officers in such a manner that has you laughing off the edge of your seat.

These five police officers are in danger of losing their jobs as there are budget cuts coming down from above. This does set the guys in a bit of panic, but they work even harder to try and keep their jobs later in the film. The five highway patrol men are actually real life friends and have starred in previous ‘Broken Lizard’ films. They have such great chemistry with each other that it all feels so natural with their performances. They bring a sort of energy to the screen which helps gel this whole film together.
Movie Content: 4/5


Print/Audio Quality

The print is presented in 1080p/AVC MPEG-4 with a 1.85:1 aspect ratio. Colors are bold, yet lacks vibrancy as the image was a tad bit soft. Blacks are deep and solid. Details are very good as some of the greater details pop through the print. There are a few white specs throughout the print, but never become distracting. The print is actually fairly good for a film that is seven years old and put together on a shoe string budget.
Video Quality: 4/5

The audio is presented in DTS-HD MA lossless 5.1 mix. I was a bit surprised as to how good this track sounded for a lower budget film. Dialogue is clean and clear through the center channel. ‘Super Troopers’ has a nice mix between dialogue and the effects of the soundfield. While the film does have quite a bit of dialogue, the scenes where there is action taking place or special effects sound very good. The sound effects carry a very good boom through out the soundfield and at times you feel like you are a part of the scene. This is some good sound for a catalogue title.
Audio Quality: 4/5


Special Features

  • Audio Commentary by Director/Co-Writer/Actor Jay Chandraeskhar and Co-Writer/Actor Erik Stolhanske
  • Audio Commentary by Co-Writers/Actors Kevin Heffernan, Steve Lemme and Paul Soter
  • Super Troopers: The Drinking Game [HD]
  • Outtakes and Extended Scenes (Including Alternate Ending) with Optional Commentaries
  • Featurette: character interviews and faux documentary
  • Road Trip News Wrap
  • Original Theatrical Trailer

The special features are very good and there are a plethora of extras in this release that have been ported over from the DVD release. All extras are available in standard definition, except for ‘The Drinking Game’ which is offered in High Definition.
Special Features: 3.5/5

Final Thoughts

‘Super Troopers’ is a very enjoyable film that really surprised me with its hilarious gags and jokes. Those that own the DVD release, you can upgrade with confidence as the audio and video are top quality with all the special features having been ported from the DVD.
Overall Rating: 4/5 (Purchase)