shaunthesheepdvd1Those familiar with the ‘Wallace and Gromit: A Close Shave’ which released in 1995, will be familiar with Shaun the Sheep. Shaun the Sheep has turned out to be one of the most popular characters in this franchise. While Shaun wasn’t a part of the feature film, he is getting the spotlight. There was a television series of Shaun overseas in Britain.

‘Shaun the Sheep’ is reminiscent of ‘Tom and Jerry’ where the show is silent and relies on laughs to tell the story. Shaun lives on a farm with a flock of sheep that aren’t as smart as he is. There is also a trio of pigs that are up to no good at the farm. Shaun keeps himself busy throughout the day with his daily activities, but also has fun playing games with the rest of the sheep and mingling with the pigs.

The ‘Wallace and Gromit’ franchise is geared towards children, yet adults have also enjoyed this series. Each episode is seven minutes long as these are short episodes. ‘Shaun the Sheep: Off The Baa!’ features eight short adventures.

List of Episodes:

“Off the Baa!”
“Timmy in a Tizzy”
“Buzz Off Bees”
“Who’s the Mummy?”
“Fleeced!”, “Mower Mouth”
“Shaun Shoots the Sheep”
“Mountains out of Molehills”

Special Features

  • Meet the Animals
  • Videogame Sneak Peeks

Fans of the franchise will enjoy ‘Shaun the Sheep: Off The Baa!’. The show relies on silent comedy and gags, yet is still very entertaining. While the DVD is lacking in special features and the video department, it is a rather fun show that old fans and new fans will enjoy.